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It was indeed a great night. I went to Luna Bar with my friends yesterday. I have heard of this bar from Chingie a long time ago and we both agreed to hang out there together. Sigh… we always can’t make it. It was my first time to Luna with Yan, Roy, Jian, Dred, Ken and Jimmy. We met one of our old buddies, Qi Sheng in Luna too. What a coincidence!

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Luna Bar is very different from others pubs or clubs. It has an open air area with a swimming pool in the middle and seats are surrounded the pool. If you take the outdoor seats, you can see the sky and stars and moon and KL tower is just in front of you. While if you take the seats by windows, you can enjoy the night scene and the skyscrapers building are right under you.

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Once I stepped into the bar, I’ve fell in love with it. This was a right place to relax and rest your mind. You can put away all the “unhappies” and swayed along the music. The atmosphere was soft and perfect under the dim light.

I ordered a Dirty Martini at first and then Blue Lagoon upon Roy’s recommendation. One of my friends ordered Flamming. I’d love flaming and I have tried it in Glo, penang before. The flaming in Glo was definitely different from the one in Luna. The one I tried was green in colour and the one my friend ordered was red. Flamming is a nice drink!

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Though Dirty Martini tasted very terrible (as my friends said), I found it was not bad. What I wanted for yesterday was something tasted with strong alcohol and yet, Dirty Martini really suited my mood. i felt great after this drink and i could forget the unhappy stuff!

Spending in Luna is quite costly. However, it’s worth to spend there once a while. I am looking forward to the next hang out place ~ where’s it?! ^.^
It is great to hang out with you guys!

Chingie, let’s go to Luna Bar when you are back in KL, and also Tiffin Bay at night too~

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