Jewellery Making Workshop by Elegant Jewellery Studio & Kelvin Gems

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Necklace, bracelet, earrings, rings… these are all the pretty stuff that a lady wouldn’t miss eyeing on them. The gorgeous colour, the shinning tiny ornaments pieces worn on your body; pretty eh.


One Sunday after the rain, I attended a jewellery making workshop by Elegant Jewellery Studio of Kelvin Gems, which is located outside myBatik at Yayasan Seni. This is a lovely place, surrounded by the vibrant green nature and a little shack that serves good coffee – That Latte Place.


Kelvin Gems is a designer, retailer and custom manufacturer of jewellery. They implement simple, elegant, unique and timeless into their design and master piece. Their range of products is including gold, silver, pearls, stainless steel, crystals and gemstones. All the products including earrings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets, cufflinks, pins and brooches are designed and made by Kelvin Gems in-house designers.

jewelry making workshop


Behind Kelvin Gems is the beautiful founder as well as jewellery expert – Angie.

jewelry making workshop6

And the pretty instructor.


Various parts and colourful ornaments


And pearls and beads too.


Making my necklace with the help of Bead Design Board

That day, I was assigned with the beginner class to learn the basic steps in making the trinkets.
I was introduced with the equipments and materials all over the tables – Copper wire, jump rings, bead design board and jewellery pliers…


After choosing pearls and colours I wanted them to be, I was demonstrated and taught with the ways and key points to twist and do my master piece. Time to get started with all the blings blings and technique. For one moment, I felt very artsy. Being surrounded under such a great atmosphere and making jewellery. Lol.

jewelry making workshop2

Students at work.



Tadaaaa… my work!!! A necklace (not in the above pic), charm bracelet, and a pair of earrings. All done by me, myself. Nice boh???

The toughest part to me was; I had to squint my eyes to do the tiny loops that hanging the beads to the bracelet and also the earrings. It took me some times but I managed to make it.




There are many other projects by EJS and you can actually sign up for these classes.

jewelry making workshop5



All handmade pieces. I wonder how they did that with lots of twist and twist.

jewelry making workshop3



The classic piece and all time favourite of Angie’s.


There is jewellery making workshop for kids above 4 years old too. Their beads and knick knacks are even cuter! Only Rm 49 with bring home their creative handmade pieces (you can see how creative is your kids towards the colours with their end products). Do bring your kids to the class or you can actually let your kids to have fun over here while you are having your cuppa at the shack. Oh… By the way, I saw that That Latte Place putting a notice, saying 27th this month (April) will be their last day of service at Yayasan Seni.

jewelry making workshop7


Fancy picking up a hobby, making a gift for your loved ones or mum (Mother’s Day is coming soon!!!) or love a trial before signing up a course??? Here is your chance. You can now make a pair of earrings for FREE. Just quote “ivyaiwei X EJS” and email it to to get an e-voucher and book your session with them, either in the HQ Amoda building or Sunday session at Yayasan Seni.

Have fun making your special piece! Special thanks to Angie, EJS and Kelvin Gems for having me over. I learnt how to make my special piece and had a real great afternoon over there. Can’t believe that I can do artworks like this too! ^^

jewelry making workshop4


Kelvin Gems
2.03 Mezz Floor
Amoda Building,
22, Jalan Imbi,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-2148 7213
Facebook: Elegant Jewellery Studio & Kelvin Gems

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