A Mei Star Tour in KL

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I can’t believe I have made myself to thissss…

Right after I woke up from the nap in late evening at 6.25pmringgg…

Friend: Wei, I have 2 tickets to the concert. Are you interested?!
Me: Really?! Yes I am in. hold on, you don’t want to go?!
Friend: oh, this is extra and no one in my family wanna go. I am going to sis and family with the other 4 tickets I have.
Me: yes yes, I want! One for me please. Are we sitting together?!
Friend: No…
Me: Har?! Then me alone sitting there?!
Friend: that’s why I am telling you, I have 2tickets, you have to bring another friend.
Me: oh gosh!!! Where can I get another friend to go?!
Friend: ask your bro larrr

And yep, my youngest bro agreed to go with me…


Here we go

To A Mei’s Star Tour Live In Malaysia!!!
(This concert is proudly present by Hotlink and Munchy’s)

Yada yada yada… with the un-ready feeling and mind, I was here at Stadium Bukit Jalil. I was so unprepared, I had not practice to sing her song… gosh, hopefully I could sing well along with the crowd!

A Mei’s concert started sharply at 8.45pm by a guest singer from Malaysia. She jumped out from the stage at 9pm sharp and sang for 3 hours!!! In between, she is touched and cried for a few times. Especially the time she was singing 记得 with the crowd. She nearly emotionally couldn’t recover. She said we sang well :p

For me, the greatest thing was — I actually got VIP seats. It was just about 10 rows away from the stage. She is really good in single. Although she has sang for hoursss, her voice was still very stable and powerful! As for the crowd… there were noise and shouts and cheers and…… it was merry and happy!

Here are only few photos I had as we were actually not allowed to take photos.

A Mei on the Big screen


Guess I have clapped too hard. Here was the big damage on the red hand



I wanna Thank XiongLing and Khee for million billion times here for the tickets they gimme!!! Muacksss!

My biggest damage at the end of the concert was a dried up throat.
I love Ah Mei 张惠妹!!!
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12 thoughts on “A Mei Star Tour in KL”

  • omg u went to ah mei’s concert with Khee and Ling!! lucky u…
    WeiZhi can remember that u sang ahmei’s song really well 🙂 true true ^^

  • btw… my mom went too 🙂 another ah mei’s fan ;P but she had to sit at the ‘hilltop’ lol

  • Joe,
    thanks! hehe

    you went to her last concert?! how was it??? you are another big fan too?!

    *shy shy*
    where got?! i can’t sing well
    but her concert was a great 1!!!

    dear, i can’t sing well lerrr *shy* the ‘singers’ are in glasgow now. wait til you guys back then we go sing k again with KBCG!

    your mum went too?!?! we didn’t know that!!! her show was a great 1. feel like singing now.


  • ivyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! u got free tix summore in VIP SEATS! HOW CAN U!! T_T

    i <3 a mei lots lots too! but so happen my bf unable to take leave, so i didnt go.

    should have bring me along T_________T

  • BBO,
    hahaha, i just wish i could follow her everywhere. her voice is amazing!!!

    yen moi,
    u are fan of hers too?! haha
    i found a companion!
    well, this time is just my luck. so happened that my friends have extra and i got to pay a visit lor.

    that was a super high concert! she promised to sing for 3 hours and she did it!!!

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