Exhausted :(

  • Sumo

I am having the most hectic week right now.
Need to Struggle over 4 papers in a row (this week).
Done 2 papers but I am already exhausted.
There are 2 left on this week.

Total up, another 3 more papers (+ 1 in next week) to go…

Will be back in few days time to continue blogging…

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8 thoughts on “Exhausted :(”

  • Sapoh, jia you in your exams. Think of all the good food and your upcoming trip to cheer you up! Wish you good luck in all your exams. Aja aja fighting!

  • jdexign,
    ya, the first thing i will do — EAT!

    Me too! can’t wait to see you!!! i am really sick of this exam. tiring!

    sugar bean,
    same to you too! u are having exam right now, must add oil! let’s add oil together!!!
    good luck in exam

    i can’t wait to have good food and my trip!!!

  • choi choi! dont give up!! I have 2 more papers too ;P
    I can’t for it to be over! Face them positively. Just remember nothing is impossible. Have faith 🙂 Battle those pharmaceutical crazy stuffs we’ve been studying for!! Gonna win 🙂

  • christine,
    dear, u gonna win ler… just few more days to go. i have 2 more years to go. sobbbbzzzzz

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