• Sumo

Whoopssss… guess I MUST update soon.
I have abandoned this for some times.
I don’t mean to do so but…

a little laziness in me +
a little busy with works +
I am not staying in my own house but relative’s house +
no network in my office

= no updating post.

Sorry about that and to all my dear readers, be patience, will have updates soon! ~

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6 thoughts on “Whoopssss……”

  • Haha, me too, I’ve been quite lazy bout posting lately! Seems like we both must add oil! Can’t abandon our blog.

  • kampungboycitygal,
    yes Sirs!
    ahhh, kinda lazy ar… but i will update asap. hehehe

    sugar bean,
    add more oil ya! bu you still seems to update often ar! ^^

  • update updates! fast fast! ;P
    LoL. nah..just kidding. take ur time, but it’s better to update lo.. I wanna read ;P

  • christine,
    okok… just wait a while and be a little patience, k?!

    honestly, i have no eat out since u flied off to scotland. sigh… no kaki(s)…

    lol… have a break, have a Kit Kat!

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