Prosperity in My Pocket ^^

  • Sumo

Chinese New Year atmosphere is in the air.

The Thaipusum (did I spell it correctly?!) holiday, everyone must have outta for CNY goodies, clothes and preparation. I wish I could do a little shopping, joined the crowd out there and inhaled the air of CNY…

But I could only sob with books. This is killing me. Heavy workloads and exams and tests all came in a sudden. I am suffocated and could hardly breathe through these hectic lifeless killing-ness studies.

Inhaler, I need you.
Extra O2, I need you.

Brain Juice, I need you.
Enthusiasm in books, I need you.
Focusing and concentration, I need you too.
PASS”es in exam/test, I need you MORE.




Hence, I stopped myself from reading and drove out for McD’s drive thru for the Chicken Prosperity Burger Set which consisted of a Large Curly Fries, Large cool ice Green Tea and the Peppery Grilled Chicken Burger.


Fiery Peppery Grilled Chicken topped with slices of onions and sandwiched in between long sesame-d bread.



The Curly Fries where I got my extra ‘Ohmmm’ to continue.

Ahhh… here comes my prosperity.

PS: Happy that McD comes out with chicken prosperity set for me to try out. They have beef burger set too. These sets are introduced before and during CNY only.


It was a disaster in the test this morning. Sigh…

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26 thoughts on “Prosperity in My Pocket ^^”

  • I had more than 10 Prosperity Burger since last month..hahaha…

    Anyway,wish you pass your exam with outstanding result..Gambateh !!!!

  • Today I had my second Prosperity beef burger liao…. I do feel that I’ll “Fatt Choy” after I ate that!!! Haha
    Btw wish u pass your exam & have a wonderful CNY 🙂

  • I love prosperity burger too. I remembered that many years ago, they only served beef. So happy that they serve chicken now! It’s really delicious! And I like their curly fries too!

    Add oil in your studies. Chinese new year is coming soon, til then you can have a good rest! 🙂

  • I love prosperity burger too. I remembered that many years ago, they only served beef. So happy that they serve chicken now! It’s really delicious! And I like their curly fries too!

    Add oil in your studies. Chinese new year is coming soon, til then you can have a good rest! 🙂

  • haha… you had the prosperity burger already? I like the curly fries too!! 🙂
    Ganbateh in your studies. Just have to work harder and relax all you want during CNY!! 🙂

  • ekeng,
    wow! you’ve 10 since last month? i had only one. aiks.
    thanks. do hope i can pass the test.

    thanks and wishing u to have a very ‘fatt choy’ new year!

    wenching & esiong,
    i love their curly fries a lot! feel like having it now. glad that they come out with delivery service. it’s convenient that i can get my curly fries during mid night. hehe

    ^^ they are yummy!

    thanks a lot! i am really sick with the books. can’t wait for ‘our date’ with u and Yen!!!

  • When I saw the shape of that burger, I think that they must have adapted this for the malaysian halal market. In the UK, all burgers of that shape are pork based and is called a “** rib burger”. I love these limited edition burgers.. they are always so different from the normal bland beef patties.

  • I dunno.. so far 90% of the people I meet tell me prosperity burger is so nice.. but I can’t even stand 1 bite due to the so-loaded black pepper sauce..

  • Too bad they only have it seasonal. Only got chance to have it 2 times. Like the Jasmine tea that comes with the set instead of your normal soda.

  • Chicken Prosperity Burger…
    I gonna go get that today!!!
    I rarely take fast food, but this one… cannot miss!

  • I love the Beef Prosperity Burger, I look forward to this promo period every year. So far, I’ve eaten it 3 times (I always ask for extra onions!) Heheh…then chew gum later :o)

  • relax, you need it…
    sleep, you need it too!

    mcD has got a comforting effect somehow (strange but true), binge on it while studying, ya! 🙂

  • the pepper sauce got abit messy after they intro the hard cardboard boxes..hard to eat..all drenched..but the fries are darnn good..

    tell u wat..i swear u rather study for ur tests then suffer the work pressure/shit i get from my mgrs..

  • Aiks… I haven’t have my Prosperity dosage yet this year. Hope the result will be a good one, don’t worry much.

  • wahh you sound so stressed up. remember.. stress that time have to rest also. stress too much make a lot of mistakes one u know.

  • hazza,
    sigh… too bad, it’s a ‘halal’ country here. we can’t get to have pork served in fast food chain. will try on those non halal burger if i am able to travel overseas ^^

    depends on individual i suppose. though it’s loaded with huge amount of black pepper. i am still like it ^^

    i tot that ‘quote’ is from KFC’s advertisement?

    simon seow,
    yeah o, i prefer to have jasmine green tea instead of soft drink.

    grab while they are still in the market!

    can ask for extra onions??? i deno about that!

    then u both can buy one each and have each others’ some. how sweet!!!

  • nic (khkl),
    true, once i am stress up, i will go for … erm… quite heavy meal. aiks. this is so not good for health.

    is it?!?!?! but then i am loaded with a lot of works. even in this CNY holiday, i still have to comple 2 reports, 1 attachment n report, 2 assignments. while u can enjoy ur trip there. *ENVY*!!!

    have u grab urs?

    guess no one can deny curly fries!

    hopefully can score good result lar. thanks a lot!

  • jason,
    hopefully lar…
    thanks a lot!

    precious pea & teckiee,
    life is so stress. stress til i suffered from hair loss. sob >___<
    anonymer user,
    em… i can’t be choosy on food. McD is nice e!

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