Look Pa Ma, here is my few seconds of fame…

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Hi I am ivyaiwei and for once in my life, I don’t hope for the weekend to come. But it’s too late, coz it’s already Friday today ahhhhhh……!!!


Pa Ma, look!!! Here is my time to shine a bit, my few seconds of fame.

Okay, I was lucky to be chosen as a guest blogger and I will be up on NTV 7 Foodie Blogger 爱食客 this Sunday.


If you are not familiar with this TV programme, it is a TV show hosted by Mr. Ernest Chong 张顺源 where he (together with a blogger) will bring all of you to savour the yummy food in every corner of Malaysia; be it local street food or fancy restaurant’s food.


So, remember to watch the second episode of Foodie Blogger Season 3 this coming Sunday (26th July 2015), 3.30pm on NTV7. The handsome Mr Ernest Chong and I will bring you guys to somewhere in Negeri Sembilan for some local street food; these are also my precious food memory when I worked over there.


This was taken a few months back. Yeahhh, you get to see how stiff and uneasy I am on TV, with melted make up, heavy dark circles and the fat features. You may take it for a laugh but please don’t throw raw eggs onto the tv or me. TQVM and enjoy!


With the fantastic crew. Thanks for giving me this precious opportunity. You guys rock!!!

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