Dajin Sip Fest 2023 @ APW, Bangsar

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Dajin Sip Fest 2023

Dajin Sip Fest 2023 is the first premium sake fest in KL that happened on 29th September to 1st October 2023 (yes, it has over!). During this event, one got to explore more than 40 varieties of premium sake from 19 breweries from Japan, namely Hakkaisan, Dassai, Daishichi, Tatenokawa, Oujiman, Tsuki no Katsura, Suigei, Kamotsuru, Tsukinoi… and many many more.

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This is really one of my kinds of 酒見. The first sake fair I attend in KL was this one organized by The Isetan Japan Store back in 2017. The next happening event I bumped into was this sake tasting event at Tokyo Station . Paid only 500 yen, I got to sample 5 different sake of my choice.

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I was really very very very excited to see that there is this kind of sake tasting, sake event, sake festival happened in KL! Pretty much enjoyed myself and tried on a few sake (with limited tokens I bought, so have to pick wisely. LOL) and I found a few pieces of new love! Do hope that they will do this annually or 2 times in a year, for sure I will be there!

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I bought the Advanced Pack during the early bird promo, priced at Rm 119 that came with a glass for sake and 10 tokens.

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Thinking a way to use these tokens wisely, LOL. There were too many to try!

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Hello! Kampungboycitygal!

Aside from sake, there were also delicious bites and ramen specially curated by USHI, Sushi Hana, Menya Ugatsu, JUS Resto Bar, Flying Peacock, to pair with the sake! Heard that the karaage from USHI was really good. I didn’t try it out as I was saving my token in exchange of more sake LOL.

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Also bumped into my favourite Chef Yazawa, told me he had a hangover and had to sip on 100 Plus instead of cheers-ing with sake. LOL. If you are a fan of sushi, please try out his true edomae style sushi in TAKA ! Read also my most recent visit to TAKA .

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What’s more! My favourite mixologist was there too! David Hans from Three X Co , one of the best bars in Asia, created these extraordinary cocktails with the sake. His special creations for the event were Crescent Moon, Paddy Field, You Are My Sunshine and Sky Breeze, using sake from different breweries.

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I had this You Are My Sunshine, made with Tsukinoi’s sake and hinted with lychee, chrysanthemum and white grape. It had a pleasant distinct scent of the chrysanthemum with a light bitter aftertaste.

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First thing first, Jikon!
As I have not tried Jikon before, tried searching my trip to Fukuoka in March but it was hard to come by. So I put it as my very first in the list. Spent 3 tokens on this crisp and fruity sake. Nice!

And… I found another new love – Tsuki no Katsura; tried all three of the sake available, and all three of them have a very distinctive flavour profile.

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Tsuki no Katsura Junmai Ginjo Branche; very refreshing, very fruity and yes… I love it!

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Tsuki no Katsura Junmai Ginjo The Assemblage; another WOW! I wanna scream I love this too!

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Had this Iwai 80% Junmai the last and it wow-ed my heart too. It has a very mellow rich sweetness. To me, it has a very special fruit flavour (but I have yet to find out what fit that flavour), and very different from the earlier two!

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Then I got to learn about the superflat rice polishing by Daishichi Sake Brewery and managed to sample a few from theirs.

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Another wow-est moment was from the Oujiman! All three have special characteristics!

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Oujiman Yuki Megami ; sweet, rich and fruity!

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Oujiman 33; soft and smooth with elegant aroma, has a lil’ bit of light fizziness on my palate (to me!). Really heart wow-ing

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Oujiman 15; very gentle, delicate, just so elegant! WOW x2!

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The Kurajo Mermaid; a junmai daiginjo by by Shiwa Sake Brewery; beautiful and very unique
Heard that there is one sake bar in Gifu (gotta research more about it), where one can sample all the sake series by The Kurajo, from all female brewers! One day, I will be there!

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