Cleansui: The Affordable, Compact and Easy to Use Water Filter

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Clean drinking water is always important for consumption. Since the raw water condition in Malaysia isn’t the top-notch one (our raw water supply contains sediments, bromoform/smell, chlorine, algae, microorganism, turbidity, bacteria, metal rust, fungi, and all sort of metal particles), my house’s kitchen already geared up with those bulky-looked water filter that is manned to produce clean water for water consumption.

I thought I am safe and protected with clean water. Until lately, I’d found out that water is important not only for oral consumption, but … our skin too – topical cleansing purpose!!! Cleaning your face with non filtered water, whatever you apply on your face next will not be absorbed fully and exerts its effects to our delicate skin. This means that, those higher range products I invested on have actually gone to the bin!!!


O-M-G… oh noooooo!!!

Glad that I found out something for my skin (besides my skin care larrrr). Something that works as a pre level (as in before applying my skincare), cleansing purpose; it is also something I have been eyeing on after numerous review from the bloggers.


Cleansui CB013E


This CB013E is specially designed for bathroom basin for daily facial wash. With this, one can enjoy filtered water on tap! So no more highly chlorinated and contaminated water which can cause dry up or damage our skin!!!

CB013E features a simple and compact design. The handy 3-way lever allows you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water with ease. It also provides 2 modes of unfiltered water where one comes with regular stream and the other one is the water-saving shower spray. It will attach to almost any types of faucet. The unit includes a faucet adaptor kit which allows for easy installation onto a wide range of faucet types.

Cleansui CB013E 2

All Cleansui products use a hollow fibre membrane filter made of ultra-fine polyethylene. It is a High Standard Filter, which helps to remove potentially contaminants and unwanted particles as insignificant as 0.1 micron in the water including bacteria, algae, fungi, microorganisms, and all sort of metal particles like rust and lead. It can last up to 900 litres or about 4 to 5 months replacement life. With just a simple twist, you can remove and change the filter cartridge easily.

Cleansui CB013E 3

Okay lar, all those information you can always get them on their website. What I wanna say is, I find this water filter is very AFFORDABLE. Especially for young people who have just forked out a huge amount of money to buy bricks (house) and nothing left in the bank. We can’t stay in the new house and cook or cleanse without using clean water right?! Hence, affordable and high performance water filter is something what we required in the new home. It is just Rm 269 for this CB013E; good for facial cleansing and even serve as drinking water too, fresh from the tap! Just open the tap and voila… clean mineral drinking water.


Secondly, it’s EASY to use and EASY to install too! One can simply just DIY at home with the step by step instruction given in the manual. It is as EASY as ABC.


Thirdly, COMPACT. It looks small and tiny but it is a very high in performance. Easily matched with any corner in your house and it looks quite zen-ish to me too. I would conclude that it’s CP (cost-performance) ratio is very high.


Well, I have been trying out on this for a month plus. So far so good. I feel the filtered water is softer, caresses my skin during my daily facial cleansing. Will keep continue to use the filtered water for a better, softer and hydrated skin. Please ignore my zits, never had enough of beauty sleep lately! Sighhh… I think I should invest on a shower head too for better and doink doink skin. Hmmmm … *thinking hard*


Hmmm, for those who are having sensitive skin take note too. Try to use clean filtered mineral water to cleanse your face before apply the treatment/ sensitive skin regime. Perhaps it may change the condition of your skin.

Cleansui’s water filter comes in different size, shape and capacity. Check them out HERE (FREE DELIVERY) for your ideal Cleansui’s water filter that fit your house. We all need clean filtered mineral water for daily use, clean filtered mineral water for better quality of life.

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