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I am a fan of Innisfree. I have been using their Jeju Volcanic Mousse Mask for quite some times and once a while, I will pamper my skin with the Capsule Recipe Pack (the mask). Was super honoured to be invited to their Beauty Picnic and also, being introduced with their new line of products.


Innisfree Beauty Picnic


One fine Saturday, I attended this lovely event in Organica Lifestyle with the bff, Citygal. We were asked to dress up in picnic outfit and came with a bareface. To my surprise, it was very picnic-y. I went ohh-and-ahhh because it was really very refreshing and very pretty! There were picnic props everywhere inside the premise. There was a green grassy lawn laid with picnic mat; filled with picnic basket, hat, flowers and etc. Ahh well, this is the first time I have to show myself without the eyebrows. Sigh, please do not run away due to this no-eyebrow-monster you see here! TQVM!




The setup was very natural and soothing, personalised with our names on it and neatly arranged. Love it to the max! They are very thoughtful to have our names on our table.


Photo 11

The event started off with a breathing exercise for us to relax our mind and soul, continued with the product’s introduction and ended with a fun sparkling juice and salad making session. Not to mention, a quick lunch at Organica Lifestyle whereby the food they prepared was very delicious and very healthy at the same time.


Innisfree’s Brand Manager, Mr Johnny Nam gave a sunny welcome speech to all of us.


Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Line is a new daily deep hydration skin care range that uses carbonic hot spring water (or Sparkling Mineral Water) from Sanbangsan Mountain as its main element. It is able to make our skin clear and moist from within. The carbonic acid from hot spring has the ability to penetrate into the skin and increases the oxygen absorption ability. Also, it gives an everyday spa-like sensation. The moment I heard spa-like effect, I was like… wahhh, so luxury wor, surely very expensive. To my surprise, it is pretty affordable and everyone can actually have spa at home now!



Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Powder (Rm 8/ 30g) is my favourite item of all. It helps to revitalize, clear and moisturise skin. Soon after dissolving the powder into water, there are these fizzy bubbles which are able to provide a sparkling massage effect. It will cleanse away the dirt that is trapped inside the pore and instantly give a brightening effect after use. Hoho, I can have my own spa at home! The once a while pampering session.




With Citygal


Before going to the next step, we were asked to apply Innisfree’s star product – The Green Tea Seed Serum (Rm 90/ 80ml) which acts as the booster before using the toner, essence and moisturizer. This serum is like a super product that everyone must have. Love its light and watery texture. It is now in my daily skincare step, using it day and night.


Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Skin (Rm 79/ 200ml); an ethanol-free and deep hydration skin toner loaded with 88% sparkling mineral water that provides a powerful boosting effect. Only 50 cents coin size needed for the whole face.


Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Essence (Rm 110/ 70g) contains 73.6% of sparkling mineral water with the carbonic acid bubbles that are smaller than the pores; facilitate the active ingredients into the skin. It helps to moisturize skin, improve skin texture, balance the uneven skin tone, firming and strengthen the skin barrier.



Moisturizer comes in 2 types – Lotion (Rm 79/ 160ml) and Cream (Rm 110/ 50g). Pick the right type according to your skin condition.



Also, keep Innisfree Jeju Sparkling Mineral Mist (Rm 52/ 80ml) with you all the time. It gives an instant hydration to the skin anytime, anywhere; just keep them in your handbag and spray whenever you like it. It has a very fine texture and provides a quick moisturizing boost that retains moisture without feeling greasy on the skin.


Refreshing squeaky clean skin + doink doink mochi texture after use. Both of us were very impressed with the result. Can see our skin glowing and more radiance but Citygal’s one more shinny than mine! Guess I should put in efforts and be more serious and hardworking to take good care of my skin.


Final touched up and yay, I got my eyebrow back.



Next up, we had the DIY session with the founder of Organica Lifestyle, Miss Shantini. We were taught to make the jar salad and sparkling mineral water.


Layering the colourful vege in the glass jar.


Using skin care alone is never enough for a perfect clear healthy skin. One should try to eat clean and have enough water intake every day to achieve a beautiful healthy skin.Innisfree gave each of us their limited edition Sparkling mineral bottle to make our own detox drinks. We dosed in some raspberry sauce, mint leaves and lemon to create our own energetic detox drink.







So, Why wait?!
Do check out the Jeju Sparkling Mineral line in their store at Sunway Pyramid and Pavilion KL (latest outlet) NOW!!!


Thank you innisfree for helping me to generate a healthy and radiance skin. Muahhh! I promise I will take good care of my skin and not missed out any steps above.


Photo 12

A sweet lovely noon with Innisfree and all the lovely people.

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