Virtual Seafood Luncheon by the Norwegian Seafood Council

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The very first time I attended the Norwegian Seafood Gala Dinner was in year 2017. During that gala, we were surrounded by an array of fresh seafood air flown from Norway. It was an eye opening and amazing experience to me. As for this year with the pandemic hit the whole world, things have changed. We no longer get to gather for events and celebrations… but Norwegian Seafood Council arranged a Virtual Seafood Luncheon on 25 November 2020.

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The Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC) takes pride in the fact that Norwegian salmon has captured the top spot in global sustainable food ranking for two years running. Three Norwegian seafood companies are ranked among the top 10 of the list of the world’s most sustainable protein producers in the Coller FAIRR Protein Index.

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Keeping safe and eating safe and healthy is the way to go during this pandemic and beyond. The Norwegian Seafood Council, led by NSC Regional Director Asbjorn Warvik Rortveit, showed how in the NSC Virtual Luncheon of Norwegian Salmon and Fjord Trout with us during the virtual luncheon!

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I was also “served” with a delicious lunch course, delivered to our doorsteps in the nicest cooler bags. How thoughtful! I had a great lunch along with the interesting presentation that afternoon. This was also my very first experience on virtual food review session!

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The lunch course was a collabo-preparation by Chef Jordash DeCruz from Curious Kitchen and Chef Steve Chua from Two Chefs Lab. Chef Steve Chua presented From the Land of Rising Sun while Chef Jordash presented From the Land of Midnight Sun. Both of these specially curated dishes merged into the course of When Eat Meets West. How interesting!

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When East Meets West, Norwegian Seafood Tasting Menu

NSC Virtual Seafood Luncheon (19)

NSC Virtual Seafood Luncheon (6)

NSC Virtual Seafood Luncheon (20)

Amouse bouche, Jewel of The Norwegian Fjords
Cured beetroot trout with lemon essence and pickled daikon

NSC Virtual Seafood Luncheon (11)

Starters, A Touch of Land of the Rising Sun
Seared sliced salmon with truffle and grated onion dressing

NSC Virtual Seafood Luncheon (10)

First Mains, A Taste of Norway
Charred salmon, roasted veg, mashed potatoes with salmon skin and sanderjordsmor (Norwegian brown butter sauce)

NSC Virtual Seafood Luncheon (22)

Second mains, Modernism in Edo
Assorted Nigiri sushi featuring Norwegian fjord trout
Spicy salmon with cucumber and dried red capsicum
Salmon with marinated salmon roe and dill
Avaocado amsh with salmon cucumber maki topped with caviar
Salmon sushi with yuzu kosho
Aburi salmon belly with lime, chili powder and spring onion
Aburi salmon with garlic mayo sauce and garlic chip

I find this really interesting! Gotta make my way to Two Chefs Lab someday to try out their dishes on spot!

Desserts, The Best of Both Worlds

NSC Virtual Seafood Luncheon (23)

Norwegian success cake with almonds and grated chocolate

NSC Virtual Seafood Luncheon (1)

Azuki Crepe with red beands, topped with orange essence.

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