Nutty Oaty Fruity Yoghurt Parfait

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I received a bag filled with New Zealand’s mystery treasure and was assigned with a special task. I have to use at least two items from the mystery bag as the ‘hero ingredients’ in each dish I choose to present. Hence, here is one of the outcomes. Thanks to NZ Food Connection for the opportunity. 🙂


Nutty Oaty Fruity Yoghurt Parfait
(Serve 2)

What you need are:
1 packet of Kiwigarden Crunchy Apple Slices
1 Rockit Apple
10 pieces of 180C Hazelnut Oat Cracker
1 small tub of Greek yoghurt
1 small tub of flavoured yoghurt (I chose cranberry)
1 Zespri Gold Kiwifruit


What you need to do:
1. Wash and cut all the fruits into cube size or slices.
2. Ground the hazelnut oat cracker into coarse sandy bits.
3. Assemble every ingredient into a pretty glass, layer by layer. Start with the Greek yoghurt at the bottom.
4. Finally topped with the crunchy apple slices.


There you go!!! A pretty and healthy snack to munch on, easily perform in less than 10 minutes. It can be a great breakkie too! In this recipe, my hero ingredients are the rockit apple, 180C Hazelnut Oat Cracker and Kiwigarden Crunchy Apple Slices.

I smell my long await weekend are here soon! Just can’t wait to grab more rest on coming weekend after the hard work and OT these few days. Gosh! So tiring!!! .

Happy Friday and Happy Mother’s Day in advance!

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