Zespri® Green & Sun Gold Kiwifruit Yoghurt Salad

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Sunshine Friday!

Let us welcome the weekend with a healthy snack – Yogurt fruit salad with Kiwifruits, shall we?!


Zespri® Green & Sun Gold Kiwifruit Yoghurt Salad
(Make 2)

What you need are:
1 Green Kiwifruit
1 Sun Gold Kiwifruit
¼ cut of dragonfruit (I chose the red variant for its color)
1 handful of blueberries
1 small tub of greek yogurt

What you need to do:
Cut all the fruits into small dices.
Assemble the fruit dices into 2 pretty glasses, layers by layers.
Add 2 dollops of greek yoghurt on the fruit dices.
Then add in another layer of fruits and finally topped with another dollop of yoghurt.
Decorate it with cuts of kiwifruit
Drizzle it with honey before served!



There you go. It was a pretty easy snack where it takes only 5 minute to perform it.
See, I have white, blue, green, yellow and red in my cup! So colourful for the eyes and so yummy for the tastebuds too.

Happy Friday!

For more information on Zespri® kiwifruit, check out their website.

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