Zespri ® Kiwifruit Fluffy Cake; Desserts for the Weekend

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A heavier project during the weekend may make everyone happy. This round, dessert as well, but, it’s a cake. It has been some times since I last baking in the kitchen. I am happy to have a little elf helping around, my brother. He is into baking lately and so, I had a lesser job and did mainly on supervision. Lol


Zespri ® Kiwifruit Fluffy Cake
(make two 4”cake)
What you need:

72g Egg yolk
17g Sugar
32g oil
32g milk
Pinch of salt

72g Plain flour, sifted
2g baking powder
2g vanilla powder

144g egg white
1g cream of tartar
72g sugar

Whipping cream
Zespri ® Green Kiwifruit, diced
Zespri ® Sun Gold Kiwifruit, diced

What you need to do:
Mix ingredients (A) together.
Sift ingredients (B) together and then slowly mix in into mixture (A).
Beat ingredients (C) at high speed until stiff.
Fold in stiff egg white by parts into the mixed batter
Pour into 2 4” cake moulds.
Bake at 180 degree for 25 minutes
Cool the cake at wire and ready for decorate.
Slice the cake into 3 layers.
Fluff up the whipping cream and get ready to spread them onto each layer.
Put in diced green and sun gold kiwi fruit, as needed, layer by layer.
Finally decorate the cake with diced kiwis and spread a little of décor gel onto those kiwis.


Not so neat and pretty kiwi cake but it is soft and fluffy and tangy sweet with kiwis!


Happy Saturday!

For more information and recipe on Zespri® kiwifruit, check out www.zespri.com.my 

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