The KOBE Japanese Restaurant @ Terrace at Hock Choon, Ampang

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Things not to be missed during my day.
1# Japanese food
2# the booze
3# these crazy girls!!! (The MUST)

I was planning for a dinner at Machi Japanese Kitchen. When we reached, we saw no sight of that restaurant but this, the KOBE Japanese Restaurant. Were we at the wrong place?! Ahhh, correct or wrong, we were confused. Since we were here, we just headed in for a try.


The restaurant is seated in this garden-liked area. During day time, you could get a good view of the greenery. It was a pleasant experience for us to dine in here. The staffs were really friendly, recommended some good dishes and explained what’s each of them made of. The ingredients they used are all at the top-notch quality. Very fresh. What surprised me most, were the whole team came out song-singing and wished me happy birthday in different languages when they presented out the cake prepared by my dearest friends and they offered me their signature cheese cake too!



Chinmi Moriawase (Rm 16.8)
We kicked start our dinner with this very refreshing appetizer that marinated so well – marinated seafood of octopus, jellyfish and scallop.


Soft Shell Crab Salad (Rm 28)
Deep fried soft shell crab with mixed green. The soft shell crab was made right, non oily and went with the mixed greens and their dressing. Can’t help munching on the crunchy tobiko as it was so fresh.


Rainbow Maki (Rm 28.8)
Colourful elements boost appetite!!! Very pretty maki it was.


Our picks of sushi – Salmon belly (Rm 13.8); Salmon (Rm 9.8); Tobiko (Rm 8.8) the flying fish roe


Unagi (Rm 18.8)
Grilled marinated eel; freshly prepared and really succulent.


Surume Ika Teriyaki (Rm 26.8)
Grilled Giant Cuttlefish with Teriyaki Sauce


Nabeyaki Udon (Rm 20.8)
Thick springy noodles and vegetables served in an iron pot with hot piping soup.


Not to forget the booze – Mio Sparkling Sake (Rm 48) by Shirakabe Gura-Sho Chiku Bai
It was fruity and has a pleasant sweet aroma. Definitely the ladies’ drink as it has only 5% of alcohol content.


The girls presented me a pretty mango cheese cakes.


The Signature Black Sesame Cheese Cake.
Slices of cheesecake were prettily presented on the plate, sketched with black sesame paste-sauce and decorated with strawberries and pomegranate. Every mouthful of it was explosive with cheesy, creamy and black sesame flavour. Am a super fan of black sesame. Delighted to have it as my birthday cake. Thank you, team of KOBE.


Till the end of the meal, we were told that the team and everything behind the KOBE Japanese Restaurant are actually the same as the previous one. The differences would be the change of name and the management. We were still at the correct place, only different, the name. 🙂 Glad to hear that the chef, Machi San is still behind the team; passionately making dishes serving his loyal customers.

The KOBE Japanese Restaurant & Bar
214-B, Lorong Nibong off Jalan Ampang,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 42518688

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