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I was very excited when reading Precious Pea’s post on Tenji Japanese Buffet Restaurant at SohoKL, Mon’t Kiara; which located right above Cold Storage.

It was time where Tenji was running the Promotion Lunch which is priced at RM 29.90++ for the first hour, additional RM 10 for extra hour or RM 49.90++ for the full lunch session (dine-in from 11.30am to 4pm). GREAT DEAL, isn’t it?!

Without hesitation, I broke this great news to my family and friends and waited for replies if there is anyone would love to get together for the buffet spread.

Gladly, I had replies.
My parents thought of having a post-Christmas celebration on Boxing Day. They wanted a break and a real get together celebration after the year’s hard works.

Tenji has rather the same concept as Jogoya. As usual, there are small clips for you to place orders on the bar or foods counter and allow the waiter to serve those hot piping dishes right at your table. You can simply choose what you want to eat ad what you like among all 200 and more dishes!

As we took the RM 29.90 + RM 10 for the first hour and an extra hour, I didn’t really have much time to photo shoot seriously.

Fresh young coconuts –
the sweet and fresh one. This was selling like hot cakes. Each of us grabbed only one and they just told us — NO MORE. They then replaced the coconut juice with fresh fruit juice. Besides theses, there are carbonated drinks and also iced lemon tea.

There are also a variety of hot drinks you can opt for such as floral tea, and coffee.

Food –

A variety of Appetizer from western type of salad to Japanese style appetizer; from the picture, they are the Japanese style appetizer which I can’t remember every single of their names.

Smoked salmon rolls

Big fat juicy oyster

Chessy baked oyster

A variety of Sashimi and teriyaki.


grilled unagi – one of my fave

If you want something really filling, you may also find noodles at both western and Japanese section.



From the Chinese section, you may find double-boiled soup which tasted really good. I myself had 3 or 4 bowls down my tummy.

And steam cod fish which was fresh, light, sweet, smooth and yummy. We had about 4 or 5 plates of this.


This one from the western section is a Big NO-NO as it was way too salty.

The healthy pan-grilled salmon

Last but not least, the desserts!

And Haagen Dazz ice cream.

Sadly, I had only a cup of it as the queue was toooooo long! Everyone seems to rush for the unlimited refills ice cream. And I myself got only this summer berries.

Never forget to have the mochi.

Black sesame mochi was the yummiest! Inside, there were the fragrant peanuts and black sesame and sugar. Others… skip larrr if you are already full! but do try also the sourish strawberry mochi. it gave a hint of freshness.

fresh baked tarts.

Honestly, I was lucky to have reserved a place for 5 for me and my family and I went for the New Year eve full session buffet too! I was just lucky to have made the reservation earlier as there were feedbacks that most of them not able to reserve the place.

I find that there are pro n cons in their New Year eve full session. (Will do another review on it soon). The pros are, I didn’t have to queue up for their Haagen Dazz ice cream and there was the unlimited coconut juice but the cons are… there were no Unagi and Cod Fish.

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