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It has been a long time since my last craving for dim sum. Besides, family and I often missed out the chance to ‘yum zhou cha’ (have a hearty breakfast) together. Just nice that youngest brother suggested having dim sum as breakfast this morning and he opted to try out the dim sum at BB Zhong Hua Lou (BB restaurant). Well, this restaurant situated off the main road of Connaught Highway. Though it has opened up business for years, we still have not paid any visit to this restaurant.

Here we were in the morning for Dim Sum.
We had a variety of dim sum. Unfortunately, dad was mad at me on my “hobby” on taking pictures on food. So, I took not much photos on the dim sum we ordered in order to please him. *sad*

The must have drink while having dim sum — Chinese tea

‘char xiu sou’ (叉烧酥)at Rm 3.50. I like this a lot. The char xiu was neither too sweet nor salty and the skin was crunchy. Deliciossss

Deep fried Yam Dumpling (蜂窝炸芋角) at Rm 3.50. they were nice and fried prettily.

Salad deep fried prawn dumpling (沙律明虾角)at Rm 4.50

Stir fired radish cake (香炒萝卜糕)at Rm 3.50. em… so sorry… this dish was half eaten.

ShangHai Xiao Long Pao (上海小笼包)at Rm 4.50. Mum claimed that this was very nice and tasted better than those from dragon-i.

If I am not mistaken, this should be Steamed shark’s fin dumpling (鲜虾鱼翅卖) at Rm 4.50

Steamed prawn dumpling (中华鲜虾饺)at Rm 4.50. Prawn dumpling is always my favourite. However, this one was just so-so cz its skin was thick. I don’t like it.

**All prices subject to 5% government tax and 3% service charge.

Overall the dim sum are nice. Their dim sum are much better than those from economic stalls (better not try from econ-type cz they don’t taste good and the protion are super small) and the price is not too expansive. Besides, this is really a good place to visit with your family especially those traditional Chinese families. I bet they will love it cz you can chat while eating with your family over the round table which symbolize of reunion (团圆)

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2 thoughts on “BB Restaurant, Connaught”

  • is this restaurant expensive? didn’t know that they’ve dim sum 🙂 I like ‘xiu long bao’ lots… really nicer than Dragon-i? It doesn’t cost as much as Dragon-i too.. if this’s nicer it’ll be perfect! I can go try dy.. haha. the ‘char siew so’ looks tempting too!

  • the dim sum in this restaurant still affordable and yummy. much nicer than those like wat mei xim… the xiu long bao here are bit larger than those in dragon-i. dragon-i’s one smaller and rm2 per piece e.

    as for their lunch n dinner, i have not tried our yet. going to try soon. hehe. besides, during weekdays, they have set lunch which is evry very cheap. keke

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