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I was happily following my aunts for a morning yum-cha at Imperial City Restaurant, Cheras Plaza, Taman Segar on one Sunday. But then, it turned out to be a not-so-satisfied-experience for me. Firstly, there was a wedding at noon, so they only allowed us to sit at the limited dining area. There were about 15 to 18 tables around. As you know, morning yum-cha is always dim sum. People would always take up hours to sit there and slowly taste their freshly brewed Chinese tea and having some dim sum(s). We had to wait for some times to be served as there were limited tables. Alright, till our turn, we ordered dim sum(s) but it turned out that we had to wait for quite some times before our dim sum(s) placed on the table. Why?! Haihz… lack of staff. And, I could see that some captains pretend to be very busy and never attended us. Iksss

Well, thinking that dim sum(s) may tempt my nerves. But no… let’s read what I could say bout them?!


The complementary boiled peanuts tasted the same as those canned peanuts.

My all time favourite, Har Gau but these were not good as the skin were thick and too chewy, not smooth enough.


These were the Xiu Mai(s) in Sze Chuan Style which claimed to be the best from all the dishes.

Stir Fried Raddish Cake. This was oily and cold.


Xiu Mai(s) were nice too and we had few plates of these (what to do?! Cz there were not much selections to choose from).

Char Xiu Bao(s) were less in fillings but tasted okay. Anyhow, I don’t like the bao’s part which was sticky between my teeth.


Egg Tarts were good one with soft, smoothly eggie.




Fried Woo Gok.


This was new to me as it was stuffed with prawn instead of meat. there is a layer of cheese and wrapped up with Yam paste and then fried. Imagine the cheese leaks when served piping hot. Well, it was in my yummiest list.

We actually ordered the dried version but were served with the soup-base Gyoza. Couldn’t remember what the exact name it is but This Gyoza had a similarity with the Shanghai Xiu Loong Bao. There was broth inside the gyoza. Tasted okay~

There were some other dim sum(s) I never captured such as HK Chee Cheong Fun. It was not warmed enough when served and not smooth at all. Overall, I am dissatisfied with their services and the dim sum(s). Will I return for morning tea again? I am not sure unless they change their cooks?!

Imperial City Restaurant
Ground Floor, Cheras Plaza,
Jalan Manis 1, Taman Segar,
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03- 91320118

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19 thoughts on “Imperial City Restaurant @ Tmn Segar”

  • I don’t know where this place is. But since you said so, I don’t think this would be a place to visit for dim sum. But the food looks ok though…

  • I don’t know where this place is. But since you said so, I don’t think this would be a place to visit for dim sum. But the food looks ok though…

  • wenching & esiong,
    it is one of the Tai Thong restaurants. i am unsure bout others beside dim sum. the food looks good but the taste…… u know.

  • don’t complain de le ai wei… We have a dim sum restaurant in Canberra as well, with the name imperial city, the food they served, will make you think twice bout being picky in the 1st place. Har Gau skin’s thicker than your face, siu mai’s pork smellier than your feet, woo gok’s yam is tough like stone, chee cheong fun’s pork actually taste like leftover char siu. but as a consolation, it’s only 16 dollars per person buffet style. can’t take it though, prefer to have it at tother restaurant that serves ala carte style, and of course ala carte price also. don’t la complain ai wei. looking through your blog is such a torture for us people residing overseas you know. we can get good chinese n hong kie’s food, it’s just tough to find a decend restaurant that serve local delicacy *wink* *wink* pan mee and loh mee =(

    ps: eh~ you like the picture boh? complimentary from me 1

  • this was the dim sum that u’re complaining about? Imperial city is in cheras plaza? i thought only Tai Thong.. haha. Yikes. think i’ll back off from this for a while 🙁 anywayz… we could try SOHO? Yes?

  • The Har Gao looks awful actually, really thick-skinned!:p
    The deep fried yam thingy looks unique though:D Too bad I don’t like yam…even with prawns, I will give it a pass:p

  • jimmy,
    what a nice complaint you have written. canberra’s dim sum really that terrible meh? dun worry, come back then u will have loads to eat! local delicacies, chinese food, malay cuisine, nasi lemak everything, jz name it. besides, you have told me that the golden horse’s dim sum buffet also terrible. which is the worst?

    imperial city is actually Tai Thong. haha, how nice you had all nice and very filling dim sum. wait time my final end then u bring me all over for dim sum ya~ can’t wait! SOHO is definately a great idea!!! hehehe

    yep, that’s da tai thong opposite leisure mall, situated in cheras plaza.

    yam is nice. any history/story that makes you dun take yam???

    yeah… the one posted by christine looks very much tastier and cheaper!!! I am going to ask her to bring me over after my final.

    big boys oven,
    yeah, there are still a lot to complain!!! but then… better dun go so far lar. hehe

  • new kid on the blog,
    erm… maybe that’s on my personal taste buds? but i can conclude that that day’s dim sum(s) were not a good one.

    haihz, i have no idea too. tt is a huge group. should have pretty high standard and same standard in every restaurant.

    big boys oven,
    is it? maybe other outlets do much better?!

    luckily there is still some can be eaten. haha

    the xiu mai in sze chuan style tasted spicy.

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