Dragon Inn Dim Sum 龍軒港式點心 @ Alam Damai, Cheras

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Where is your usual dim sum place? I used to frequent to Jing Xuan in Kuchai Lama, but I came across a better one now – Dragon Inn Dim Sum in Alam Damai, Cheras. Plus point, it is located very near to my house.

Dragon Inn Dim Sum 龍軒港式點心

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Opens daily from 8am onwards, this has become my usual yum cha place with parents. Their one-page menu offers a selection of Hong Kong dim sum. It may seem not much variety but it has all you need to satisfy your dim sum cravings. Dim sum here is served “steam-to-order”, so be prepared to wait a while if the restaurant is packed.

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Pork Dumpling蟹皇蒸燒賣 (Rm 7.4)

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Chives Dumplings 鮮蝦韭菜餃 (Rm 6.8)
Packed with lots of chives in the dumplings.

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Spare Ribs鼓汁蒸排骨 (Rm 6.8)

dragon inn (15)

Soft Egg Yolk Bun 香滑奶王包 (Rm 5.7)
Love the egg yolk custard as its sweetness was minimal. However, the bun’s texture was too sticky (in between teeth) to my liking.

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Turnip Cake 香煎蘿蔔糕 (Rm 5.7)

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Pork Cheung Fun 叉燒腸粉 (Rm 5.7)
Fairly thin Cheung Fun, layered with lots of char siu and drenched in the light sauce. The sauce was really something, simply light yet aromatic.

dragon inn (16)

Fried Bean Curd Rolls百花腐竹卷 (Rm 7.4)

dragon inn (17)

dragon inn (18)

Dough Cheung Fun 鬼馬炸兩 (Rm 6.8)
Ahhh, there is dough fritters cheung fun here! This combo made an interesting texture on the palate.

dragon inn (19)

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S. Bean Curd Roll 蠔皇鮮竹卷 (Rm 6.8)

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Roast Pork Bun 蜜汁叉燒包 (Rm 5.7)

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Glutinous Rice 龍軒糯米雞 (Rm 6.2)

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Shanghai Dumplings上海小籠包 (Rm 5.7)

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Shrimp Dumplings上湯水餃 (Rm 6.8)
Huge and stuffed with shrimps. Love its aromatic and clear superior soup too!

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dragon inn (8)

I love everything being served over here especially the Shrimp Dumplings and its soup, Siu Mai, Chives Dumplings, Fried Bean Curd Rolls, Shanghai Dumplings and many more. However, the bun’s texture is sticky to my liking; prefer the texture that has chewiness in it. Each plate of dim sum priced between Rm 5.5 to Rm 7.7, pretty reasonable for what you get in terms of quality and flavours. Usually I will spend about Rm 90 for a total of 12 dishes that is enough for 4 of us. We will normally bring our own tea leaves and they charge Rm 1 per head for tea.

Dragon Inn Dim Sum 龍軒港式點心
No.32A, Jalan Damai 1,
Alam Damai,
56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 – 9107 8989
Opening hours: 8am – 4pm

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