Half Price Dim Sum @ Cheers Palace, Cheras

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I discovered another great place to go for dim sum, which is just 3 minutes drive way from my house; serving yummy dim sum and best of all, the dim sum(s) (steamed and stir fried/fried items only) are half price during weekdays lunch hours!!!

Cheers Palace – located next to Cheras Autocity; was previously known as Unique Fisherman Seafood Restaurant has now become my favourite place for lunch. Besides dim sum, there are quite a number of dishes such as various noodles, fried rice, veges, tofu, fish… on the lunch promotion menu. The good thing is, the price; the items on the menu are priced from RM 8 onwards!!! 


Steamed Siew Mai (n/p: RM 6.80) – a must-order item whenever you are in any dim sum place. this restaurant serves good siew mai. The size for the siew mai(s) was big and the minced pork in it was very flavourful


Szechuan Dumpling with Prawn (n/p: RM 4.20)


Steamed Prawn Dumpling (n/p: RM 6.80)


Steamed Cheung Fun with BBQ (n/p: RM 8.80)


Pan Fried Carrot Cake with XO Sauce (n/p: RM 7.00) – love its spiciness and it was real fragrant.


Deep Fried Banana and Redbean Pancake (n/p: RM 4.80) – ohh, love the lil sweet pancake. banana and red bean – quite a surprising combination .



Deep Fried Bean Curd with Prawn Roll (n/p: RM 6.80) – huge prawns wrapped up with the fu chok. love this with mayonnaise 🙂


We ordered half of the Peking Duck. (RM 20 – the promotion price). The crispy duck skin is made into rolls with additional of the spring onions and special sweet sauce.


as for the duck meats, it will go with either fried rice or noodles (RM 20 – which is included in promotion item) . we opted for the noodles that came with real wok hei


Our bill came was about RM 65 in total (inclusive of tit bits and Chinese tea priced at RM 1.50 per head; and we duplicated a few orders on dim sum selection). it was really quite a deal to have their half price dim sum (50% off) which is only available during weekdays lunch hours. The size of the dim sum(s) is huge and they are good except for the steamed cheung fun which was not that silky smooth and warm enough. Service may not be as attentive as you think but then, all the food will be on your table very promptly. 

Unable to make it during weekdays? 
Nevermind as they are having weekends dim sum promotion too at 30% discount (from 9.30 in the morning till late noon if i am not mistaken). 🙂 

Cheers Palace
Jalan Cheras, Cheras, 
56100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-91303099
Fax: 03-91306099
(located opposite cheras Leisure Mall, next to Cheras Autocity)

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24 thoughts on “Half Price Dim Sum @ Cheers Palace, Cheras”

  • Luckily am going for my dim sum fix later. I miss those stir fry carrot cake back home which they don't have it here.

  • precious pea,
    oO, i tot there are stir fry carrot cake in those HK type restaurant? hehe, maybe you can try to make it and start selling it in your restaurant 🙂

    somewhere in singapore,
    my favorite too 🙂

    yeeep, it's really a great deal. hehe. half price ler ^^

    ya lorrr… included tit bits and tea. but the selection of the dim sum is not too wide. anyway, the normal one will be in the menu ler 🙂

  • WyYv,
    every time i dine in here, i will order the banana and red bean pan cake. it's nice and not too sweet

    kekeke, i only know about it when my aunt told me about this. since then, we dine in here every week. keke.
    quite a great deal ler. just they won't increase the price/cut down this promo so soon lar.

    ah tee,
    go go go 🙂

  • Wah … not bad, with half a Peking Duck for good measure. So happened I had dim sum yday too. Love those moment of selecting your favourite morsels from the carts, and then sipping on Chinese tea in hopes of washing the grease away.

  • choi yen,
    yes it is.
    that's why we go only during this great deal. besides, where can you find such a great price and dim sum in an air conditional-ed dim sum place?!

    yum! love dim sum always. those in ipoh are really nice but hor, i dun like the crowd and fighting over table. >< btw, it's real fun to get to select the dim sum from the cart. but this restaurant serve a la carte style (same as in restaurant in shenzhen) where you tick and order from the piece of menu and they will bring up the hot stuff.

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  • hmm does it seem like they purposely hike up the price fr the 50% off?
    cos the original price is kinda expensive fr tht area…

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