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My brother is a part timer (on Sunday only) in Hartamas Shopping Centre. He has worked for quite a long time and we have never paid any visit to his work place before. And one late afternoon, dad broke the quietness and said, ‘Let’s go visit to Hartamas!’

It was already 3pm when we got there. And guess what?! Youngest brother and I ‘stayed’ with bro till he finished his job. And we were fooling around in the shop. Of course we’d helped him out as the ‘few-hours-assistants’. Luckily bro’s boss was not around that day; else we would be …… ‘Kicked out’ from the shop.

Since it was my first time to Hartamas Shopping Centre, I surveyed the place and found there were a few specialty shops selling Japanese and Korean food and groceries. Ho-ho, I was glad to be here. Eyeing on those nice colourful packing of snacks delighted me. All I can do was to grab some to the cashier counter and walked out with plastic bags.

When came to dinner, we chose to dine in Pad Thai, Thai restaurant as I was a little tight on pocket money. Ahhh, spent too much in those specialty shops.



The restaurant is decorated in a way of wooden style with lots of wood crafted items displaced. And it is special to see that they use cloth and ribbons to decorate the high celling.

Chocolate Milk Shake. I have no idea why my bro wanted this. It tasted as just the normal shake-d chocolate fresh milk.

The Young Mango Salad was very appetizing. I am so in love with it as it had the very sourly and spicy taste. I still can’t forget the taste of it until now!

I have never come across with Apple Fried Rice before, so I ordered this. Cubes of green apple stir-fried with white fluffy rice. Additional of spices brought out the aroma of apple in the rice. It is also served with small serving of prawn and apple salad tossed in mayonnaise. It tasted good and went well with the side dishes, mango salad or the beef we ordered. it would be much nicer if added in more apple cubes. The plate came in an enormous portion at the priced of Rm 7.90 where both of us could not finish the rice.

Black Pepper Beef was claimed delicious by bro. I don’t take beef so I eyed on them while taking the side vege like onions and capsicums.

This restaurant serves quite a variety of Thai dishes. There are many more to try out. The place was crowded that day because Malays who were berpuasa started to fill up the empty places after 6.30pm and waited to be served. They have set meals too which come in very good deal. Both me and bro missed out the set meals menu, if not, we will order their set meal and add on extra side dishes. ^^

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21 thoughts on “Pad Thai @ Hartamas Shopping Centre”

  • Seems like a nice place to have Thai food. The mango salad looks good. Too bad I’m coming down with a sore throat, have to get away from hot and spicy food lately!

  • Seems like a nice place to have Thai food. The mango salad looks good. Too bad I’m coming down with a sore throat, have to get away from hot and spicy food lately!

  • Brought my friends to try it few months ago and all of us gave it a thumbs up. Good value for money especially considering the location. 🙂

    Tight on money and still eat in Hartamas? Should have stick to our lovely neighbourhood of Cheras! 😛

  • wenching,
    hope you get well soon. and after that, you can have those hot and spicy food! Flu and sore throat juz Go Away!

    you have been there before? yep, it’s definately value for money to dine in there.
    erm… kinda bored with cheras adi. anymore good recommendation in cheras area???

  • Wow, Looks very delicious. Your picture look so nice. Taken with your new baby Canon 860IS. O am thinking of buying it too. How do you find it.?

    At Low Yat, pne shop selling at RM1380,00 with 1 gd card and some freebies. 🙂

  • Yea me going to try a nice lok lok place in Cheras next week. Can sit down and eat wan. You and Christine they all wanna join me? 😉

  • fl sam,
    oops, sorry. i should have say that the 860 is belonged to Christine. mine is 850. both came in the same design but the screen of 860 is larger than 850. it’s handy and nice to use but i prefer Ixus 850 to Ixus 860. hehe.
    the price u can get sounds reasonable.

    the authentic som tam from BKK would be very nice. sigh… have not been to BKK before…

    my coffee,
    the food there is okay ar… hardly can find good thai food at a reasonable price.

    LokLok that we can sit dwon and eat?! where is it in cheras? when are u going?! do let me know i will inform christine ^^

    you are welcome. have a try and then let me know how’d u find it ^^

    aiks… only 2 of us, me and little brother dined in. besides, little bro dun wan anything spicy. so, i miss da chance to try their tom yam or green curry o.

  • o… you’re killing me with the food again! lol.
    Good ler… you had Thai food.
    don’t care, after your exam, belanja me ya!

  • I always seem to miss this place when I’m here. There’s a Jap Food Fair this weekend at the mall – good time to get more Jap snacks.

  • Christine,
    No prob gal. hope u can spare me some of ur precious time~

    big boys cake,
    Lol~ shopping malls often give ‘surprise’ to me.

    There’s Jap food fair?! oh dear, i am gonna missed it. i have to stay at home and doing last minute study for my coming paper on wednesday. SobZ…

    new kid on the blog,
    yaya~ the deco is very nice. the food also taste good.

  • never state the price to show us that its value for $ one 😀 im curious actually coz it has very nice interior

  • ah wei, you can pick the cake at our place or get them delivery with a small fee.
    can you sms me ur number, my pda got crashed!

  • kampungboycitygal,
    the beef at rm 11.90 and the mango salad at rm 7.90.
    indeed, the interior is very nice

    yes, i love the interior very muchie

    how nice. can travel to bangkok and have really authentic thai food! do wrire up about bangkok when u are back! share them up with us!

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