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It was another late lunch with parents again. As we were going to do grocery-shopping in Jusco Maluri, we planned to have our lunch there. We then discovered that there is a new eatery opens up and packed with people — Madam Lim’s Kitchen. It is situated next to Ichiban Ramen and has replaced a closed down Chinese restaurant. So why not give it a try?!

Madam Lim’s Kitchen serves a variety of Chinese, Nyonya and Thai fusion cuisine. Family and I were kinda blurry as the menu was quite thick. We just couldn’t decide what to eat.

After a long period of decision-making, we finally had a few order to share among ourselves.

Passion with Earl Grey (priced at Rm 2.50) came in the glass of cool Earl Grey Tea with sweet-smelling passion fruit flavour. It was very cool and refreshing.

Char Tang Hoonat Rm 5.90 came in a generous portion. It was actually the glass-noodles fried with plentiful of chicken, shrimps, cabbages, onions, chilies, and eggs. It was real tasty. What’s more could I describe it?! TASTY!

Malacca Char Mee definitely has my vote! At just Rm 5.90, the plate was abundant with chicken and shrimp and tauge, the noodles were fried to perfection and moist. It was a little spicy but this spiciness gave a boost to the plate of Char Mee.

Sambal Udang Buah priced at Rm 10 (small) was actually the petai and shrimps cooked with sambal paste and chilies in a Nyonya style. It was so palatable with the pleasant flavour of sambal and petai. If you fancy spicy food, this is a must not miss out dishes. As a Malaysian, I think this is a must order dish. *Haha*

Siam Style Fried Rice also at Rm 5.90 came in a large serving too. It was filled with ‘wok hei’, too bad it was a little dry for me. However, it went well with the Sambal Udang Buah.

Revisit?! *Nod-Nod* Yes yes, I really love the way they cook and prepare and serve. Besides, we don’t have to wait for long to be served and there were more dishes from the menu for me to try out! Thumbs-up for their dishes and services. *Warning: For those who are small-eater, it is better to order and share with people as their servings are quite large.

Madam Lim’s Kitchen Restaurant
Lot G15A, Ground Floor,
JUSCO Taman Maluri Shopping Centre,
Jalan Jejaka, Taman Maluri,
Cheras, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
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18 thoughts on “Madam Lim’s Kitchen”

  • Mmm…I’ve always pass by this outlet at Tesco Mutiara Damansara and told myself to give it a try one day. the Siam Style Fried Rice looks good to me as it has those crispy and crunchy foo chook thingy! :o)

  • oopss, sorry for never describe the Siam Style Fried Rice in details. the crunchy foo chook thingy is actually the fried chicken

    so sorry…

  • looks nice gal.. I’ve never visited Jusco at maluri.. the next time u go.. I wanna tag along ya! Great pictures!

  • malacca char mee? hmmm… didn’t know there’s such specialty noodles in malacca itself…. would really love to try it but it’s so far away and i hardly drop by this place..

  • Their price seems quite reasonable. The sambal udang buah looks so tasty! Wanted to try it out if I have the chance!

  • Their price seems quite reasonable. The sambal udang buah looks so tasty! Wanted to try it out if I have the chance!

  • malacce char mee? mmm…never heard of that..must be very interesting…the sambal prawn looks very appetising!

  • new kid on the blog,
    durian berry,

    eh?! everyone eyes on da siam fried rice?! it’s a bit dry for me but it trapped with great ‘wok hei’. not bad actually.

    yeah. the tea was refreshing with additional of passion fruit.

    come come, we can go there anytime. it is quite near from my place. next time i wanna visit the jusco near ur place! ^^

    wmw said that there’s an outlet in Tesco Mutiara Damansara. are you staying near from that place? maybe can try that out if u happen to do shopping in that Tesco?!

    wenching & esiong,
    come come, i can bring u over for their specialty. hehe. price reasonable and the taste good.
    can’t wait fofr our next hang-out.

    nic (khkl),
    thanks for dropping by.
    me first time tried out the malacca char mee too. simply like it. yes, the sambal prawn is very nice too!

  • Jackson,
    yeah, it’s a bit wet but it is heavenly delicious!

    Big boys oven,
    yeah.. wmw said there is one in Tesco Mutiara Damansara. have a stop by and try.

    i love chat tung hoon too. but here, i prefer the malacca char mee than char tung hoon.

    lol. ya, for the ‘broke’ day or the ‘in-need-in-money’ day!

    do try out and see if you like it!~

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