Pin Xiang Xi Signature Chinese Cuisine 品湘喜 @ Seri Kembangan

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Pin Xiang Xi Signature Chinese Cuisine 品湘喜

Located in Wisma IPF at Seri Kembangan, Pin Xiang Xi Signature Chinese Cuisine 品湘喜 is relatively a new Chinese restaurant that popped up around the area but the chef himself is not new to this area. If you are familiar with Seri Kembangan area, the Chef from 品湘喜 used to fire up good dishes in Sam You Seafood Restaurant.

But due to the virus days, things turned bad, business was down, and chef has to put Sam You a big full stop. But right now, he is back in action!!! Oh yes, my family’s favourite chef is now back in action!!!

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Below are the dishes we had during our first visit. Menu of the day was customized by the chef, but… they are all in Chinese words. Don’t ask me their English name okay?! LOL. If you are interested in trying out these dishes but cannot understand the Chinese words, you may show them the photos below and pre order earlier.

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First dish came out and it wowed all of us. This 2-style chicken dish came beautifully plated. One was the multilayer of paste and chicken skin sandwiched together. Each layer was made of different types of paste including fish paste and squid paste, and salted egg yolk layer. The other style was an appetizing dish situated in the middle, made of pulled chicken with Chinese vinegar, cucumber, chilies, black fungus, and coriander; like a Chinese salad. Very appetizing.

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Steamed fish that made right, we brought our own fish and let the chef to do something on it.

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Steamed prawn in Chinese Rice Wine was amazingly sweet and rich. Yumz

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Squid lightly battered and deep fried into perfection, tossed in with dried chili, almond flakes, curry leaves for extra fragrant. We love the dipping sauce that came pairing together with the squid. All their dipping and chili dipping are made in-house.

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Stir-fry mee hoon with crab is always our mush have! It was dosed with dried shrimps and chef’s homemade XO sauce. Lightly spiced with chili bits too. Very fragrant and filled with sea essence.

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Stir-fry eel on the hotplate that was dosed with lots of garlic, chili and lastly touched with Chinese wine; very well flavoured and this is one of the chef’s signatures.

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Last dish was the Stir-fry Pork Belly (unable to catch the name) , it was seriously addictive and loaded with flavours

Our meal was ended with the dessert 红豆沙 (forgot to snap a photo) – Red Bean Soup that was made with dried mandarin peels, sweet ending to end our lunch!

Pin Xiang Xi Signature Chinese Cuisine 品湘喜
52-G, Wisma IPF,
Jalan SR 9/1, Taman Serdang Raya,
43300 Seri Kembangan, Selangor
Lunch: 10.30am to 3pm
Dinner: 5.30pm to 10pm
Closed on Tuesdays

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