Leong Ya Yong Thau Foo, Serdang

  • Sumo
So, where should I start?! This morning woke up early cz my dad has asked us to have a nice breakfast yesterday. Actually I woke up early but dad and brother were not and our breakfast has become brunch. Dad wanna try around Serdang area and so happened that we saw this restaurant in a business area when we took the turn.Many many years ago (before it was relocated), we used to go there always, Leong Ya Yong Thau Foo Restaurant. They served delicious Ji Bao Gai (deep fried chicken wrapped with paper). I always love Ji Bao Gai. After many many years, we once went in and tried out to see whether they still maintain their standard.

We were there at 10am and we were the first customers. It was still empty cz they were just opened up their shop for business at that time.

Firstly served was Yong Tau Foo (chilies, lady fingers, foo zhouk, dao foo bok, eggplants, tofu stuffed with fish paste). Altogether 15 pieces here. And yummy… they were great. Just that the fried foo zhouk were too oily and I dislike like it. I like the eggplant and tofu.
Ji Bao Gai (deep fried chicken wrapped with paper).

Sad was that they were using chicken breast and there were too much gravy and the gravy was rather salty.

Yin Yong noodles. A rather tasteless dish. They can’t really maintain the standard they used to be.

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7 thoughts on “Leong Ya Yong Thau Foo, Serdang”

  • based on the photographs (restaurant’s environment) that u posted, we already know the taste of the food coz the restaurant is empty. keke!

  • lol anonymous, i know who u are.
    well, it’s still early. whne we got there they jz ngam ngam open the shop. and better not go too. food not as nice as before. keke

  • hehe…harlo..weelick here…aiyo…why go there makan yong tau fu? seri kembangan got one more stall lagi famous..the ji bau gai lagi best…u must come and try..just behind my house…free then come with leng them:D after once..sure u wanna come here lagi

  • hi weelick, thanks for dropping by. aiks… how do i know there is another stall famous in seri kembangan le. next time i must try out with leng they all. thsi serdang 1 we used to go there always last time… never think that their standard and quality drop.

    i will go seri kembangan there!!! wait for me ya. keke

  • hey hey.. wee Lick’s right.. the place behind his house is a lot better!! Must try next time! btw.. the food at Leong Ya Restaurant does not taste as good as they used to be. Perhaps long long time ago!! HAha..

  • leng, true also, leong ya’s food not nice at all. it was long long time ago story. haha…
    then let’s go to weelick that place one day. i can’t wait to eat out with you again! ^^

  • come come come…haha…still on holiday…free everyday…after sem start then wont be in seri kembangan that often…haha..

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