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Since last year December, Ting Fang has suggested that there is a café in Damansara Perdana which seems nice and recommended by her friend. We both have never gone too far from KL and the furthest we went is One Utama. Hence, today we decided to take a risk to try out this new café. With the help of Ting Fang’s friend hand-drew map, we finally reached Damansara Perdana. I felt as though I was one of the historians who discovered a whole new land. Hooray, I found a new place. Kekeke.

There are few pretty nice boutiques around and we planned to check them out before we take our lunch. Therefore, we visited each boutique to check out their pretty up-to-date outfits. I have never thought that we have spent hours and hours in the boutiques. We spent about an hour in Miss K boutique. The decoration of the boutique is warm and sweet and the outfits they sold are pretty nice but we went out in empty-handed. Next, we stopped by at Cat Whisker and I have no idea why on earth we spent 2 hours in that boutique. We both spent on something and I hurried warned Fang to get out of the shop soon. Else I would not stop buying. >.<

The menu and their lunch set menu

The environment in the café

How adorable these cute little pepper and salt bottles are.

They have a variety of dishes from Asian to Western. The Lunch set menu looks great to me so I had a set 4 and Fang took set 1. Each of the set comes with ice or hot tea or coffee. And we added on their dessert of the day at Rm 3.

Here were our ice coffee and the sugar liquid is provided for us to add it up followed our tastes.

Here was Fang’s set 1, Aglio Oglio Spaghetti with Mushroom, Basil leaf, Garlic and Norwegian Salmon at Rm 10.90. the waiter claimed that this was their new creation and The dish tasted great and smelled aromatically with basil leaf and other herbs. The grilled salmon was nice. However, ting fang finds the portion was small.

Here was my set 1, Pan Fried John Dorry with Mashed Potato and Creamy Basil sauce at Rm 9.90. Yum~ it was very creamy and I loved this dish a lot!

A full meal is not complete without dessert. After main course, we took the friendster dessert of the day. Let see what we got

Red bean pudding which topped with whipped cream and cherry and garnished with chocolate syrup and crunch peanuts. The pudding tastes nice and creamy. Too bad, the peanut spoilt the whole thing. The peanuts berbau tengik.

After the lunch, we went over to a boutique, Baby Doll next door. Gosh, I spent again…. Oh no… … Ting Fang, why you wanna bring me to such nice place?! Anyway, it is such place to shop and definitely I will revisit this area again cz we left out another boutique…besides, friendster café serves good food and the services are great. The staff are helpful and polite~

Best of all, I discovered a new place to dine and to shop! Wheeeeeeee!!!

Friendster café —
LG 01-01A,
Plaza Emerald North,
Jalan PJU 8/3A,
Damansara Perdana,
47820 Petaling Jaya,

P.s: Fang, I never regret for spending on those nice clothes. Hehe.

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4 thoughts on “Friendster Cafe, Damansara Perdana”

  • so nice!! never bring me there, dont care, next time must bring me there ar! keke! anyway, nice food, but i’m not there, sob sob… keke, just kidding, glad that u had a great time!

  • wen ching, me and fang are experimenting new place and new food. next time will bring you there lo. kekeke.
    let’s hit the town when you are free. there are lots nice boutiques around. for sure you will like it very muchie

  • wei… went for shopping again? I want to follow also! I don’t care! hehe.. nice place!! Never heard of it until you post on this… Looks superb!

  • leng, come on, we can go there one day. and i finally know how to get there! there are few boutiques. and they sell nice clothes!!! let’s get free time then we hit the place! cheers~

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