Say Cheese Café @ Bukit Jalil Link 2, KL

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Yay! One of my favourite cheesy porky café is serving breakfast/ brunch on weekend and public holiday now!

Say Cheese Café (Bukit Jalil Link 2)


Say Cheese Café has been around for some times and it is a very happening café in this area. The interior is filled with marbled tables, wall to floor glass window that brings in the natural sunlight, dosed with hipster instagrammable wall and prints interior.

They are specializing in cheese and pork. I always love their BBQ Premium Pork Chop that comes with the table service whereby the staff will play around with the fire to give an extra “char” flavour to the meat. If you are a fan of cheese, do not miss out their famous CheeseLava that is extremely cheesy yet instagrammable. The CheeseLava is optional order to your burger or meat and it has the image of cheese “waterfall” as the staff pours the CheeseLava over your meat.


Big Breakfast (Rm 28)
Loaded with scrambled egg, bacon, gourmet sausage, sautéed mushroom, pasta, baked beans and slices of bread. Indeed very huge and value the money.



Egg Benedict (Rm 15)
Perfectly poached egg on toast drizzled with chef’s special hollandaise sauce that is made upon order. Yum.



Omelette Mushroom with Cheese (Rm 18)
Egg and cheese combo never fail. There was lots of cheese inside the omelette!


Curry Chicken Crispy Paratha (Rm 15)
Extremely crispy buttery paratha to go with rich, creamy and flavourful curry chicken.



Cheesy Shell (Rm 18)
Known as Mac&Cheese’s Cousin. LOL.
This is my favourite breakfast dish! The seashell pasta is cooked with a few types of cheese. Cheesy, savoury yet you won’t feel satiated even though having the whole bowl you yourself.



Shibuya Cheesy Toast (Rm 15)
Fragrant cheesy savoury toast with lots of cheese sandwiched in between.



Besides breakfast plates, there are few new addition to the menu.


Auz Lamb Shank (Rm 68)
Tender and easily pull-off bone.



Norwegian Roasted Salmon (Rm 38)
Another favourite dish of mine that came beautifully in vibrant colours. Truly in love with how it was done by the chef, with crispy skin juicy salmon steak and plated on a bed of creamy mashed potato.



RedHat Chicken Burger (RM 25)
With Add-on CheeseLava and there you go, the amazing “cheese-waterfall” on that meaty burger.



Don’t forget to end the meal with a slice of Homemade Burnt Cheesecake and Homemade Matcha Burnt Cheesecake!




Matcha (Rm 13)


Latte (Rm 11)

Say Cheese Cafe (Bukit Jalil Link 2)
C-15-G, Shop Lot, Jalil Link, 2,
Jalan Jalil Perkasa, Bukit Jalil,
57000 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 013-8962123
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday 12pm – 10pm
Saturday, Sunday & PH: 9am – 10pm

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