Chocolate Symphony Afternoon Tea @ Lobby Lounge, Shangri-La Hotel KL

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Ohhhh… Afternoon tea; it has been a long time we never catch up with each other…

I love everything fine, with a touch of classy element on tiny delicacies; a pot of aromatic warm tea and sit down for a tête-à-tête session one whole afternoon with the beautiful ladies. Munching on the small pieces and sipping away the tea while enjoying the beautiful melody played by the pianist or violinist behind. Ahhh, what a beautiful afternoon surrounded by all these bits.


It has been quite a while since my last visit for a tai-tai style afternoon tea (fake tai-tai here). I was overjoyed when this session was going to happen. This round, do follow my step over here and enjoy my favourite afternoon tea; with everything filled with the main component – CHOCOLATE, on the chocolate-licious Saturdays; presented prettily on the spread for everyone to grab.

Chocolate Symphony

At Lobby Lounge Shangri La Hotel, KL
Available on every Saturday
From 2.30 pm to 5pm
Priced at Rm 115 nett per pax



This is like a heaven to me!!! 🙂


The Chocolate Symphony Afternoon Tea is headed by the executive chef, Chef Alfred Merkel; specially crafted a wide selection of chocolate fares using white, milk and dark chocolate as well as his magical spells, transforming the raw materials into fine and cute little delicacies that filled with the main component – chocolate.

Sounds expensive??? Not really, I can assure you this afternoon tea definitely worth every penny spent. And please bear with me a little because this is going to be a photos-laden post.




The chocolate counter is divided into 3 main sections. Each section carries its own theme with white, milk and dark. Also, their main highlights are the Hot Chocolate Bar and Waffle section too. Aside from the sweet stuff, they serve savouries too. All the savouries I picked up were really good, beautified prettily as though pieces of art. I hope these savouries are available in their tier set. They are just too good, too yummy. So, do come with the empty stomach to fill in more Savories before going to the Sweets.

chocolate symphony2

Savouries (clockwise): Garden Vegetable Quiche, Seafood Vol au vent, Chicken Quesadillas with Jalapenos, Deep Fried Golden Cod Fish Finger with Lemony Tartar Sauce



Seafood Vol au vent


Home Smoked Atlantic Salmon with Truffle Perfumed Egg


Barbeque Glazed Duck and Watercress Sandwich


Edamame shooter with marinated Lobster and Ikura


Create your very own hot chocolate drink from the Hot Chocolate Bar by choosing your choice of chocolate, spices and milk. They offer a variety of premium chocolate for the chocolate lovers to choose from; namely 35% Ivoire (white chocolate), 32% Blond Dulcey (caramerlized white chocolate), 46% Bahine (milk chocolate), 70% Guanaja (dark chocolate), and Goeur de Guanaja (Pure Dark Chocolate); then your pick of spices such as cinnamon, clove, star anise, cardamom and vanilla bean to be added into the chocolate and finally your choice of milk which are fresh milk, low-fat milk or soy milk.


chocolate symphony



I mixed and matched a few hot chocolate of my choice with low fat milk and fresh milk. I had cinnamon with milk chocolate, cardamom with caramelized white chocolate, anise with white chocolate, cloves with dark chocolate and vanilla beans with pure dark chocolate. The end results were fragrant and creamy. But being a super fan of dark chocolate, I fancied the cloves with dark chocolate and vanilla beans with pure dark chocolate the most!


Plain and Chocolate Scones; crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Best to go with the whipped cream and dash with a little amount of the preserve.



Chocolate Souffle was served piping hot. Not many places has chocolate souffle and this was the best chocolate souffle I have had so far!


Chocolate waffles made a la minute and served with lots of berries, fruits and sauces of your choice. The waffles were still fluffy and crispy even though they are left for some times. Yum!



Chocolate sorbet in a cone; chilling creamy chocolate melted right on the tongue.



This stylish “handbag” was filled with dark chocolate mousse, super thin and melted right on my palate.

chocolate symphony3

Irresistible Chocolate Fondue, served along with marshmallow and fruits





Truffle Cream Cake


Passion Fruit and Mango Chocolate Sable











As I am a super fan of dark chocolate, I fancy everything comes with the dark chocolate as the major element. Hazelnut Cake Praline, Dark Chocolate Macarons, Truffle Cream Cake, Bitter Chocolate Macaron, Chocolate Profiterole were all superb. Passion Fruit and Mango Chocolate Sable was tangy and sourish with the fruity flavour; but chocolaty at the same time as it was layered with dark chocolate underneath. Remember, not to miss out the Chocolate Souffle and Chocolate Waffles that made a la minute. Milk Chocolate desserts are equally good too; rich, creamy and milky. I really have no idea what and which to pick. Advice from my inner heart, just grab them all!



As for the white chocolate desserts such as Mango Pavlova and White Chocolate Macaron, they were on the sweeter side. Apple Crumble and the Orange Crumble too but how can we missed out this cutesy little desserts! There were real fruits encased within the white chocolate shells with lovely little fruit structures.


Don’t forget this whole tray of homemade chocolate truffles! There are a few exotic flavours awaiting you to try them out.

Wait no more!!! Call to reserve your table now! It is only available on Saturdays!



Chocolate Symphony Afternoon Tea
Lobby Lounge Shangri La KL
11, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
50250, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2032 2388

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