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When it comes to vegetarian cuisine, I am quite sceptical on it. It’s not that I dislike veges; just that I dislike those so called zhai siu ngor (vege roasted goose), zai yong yuk (vege lamb) and all those mock meat… So when friends suggest for vegetarian meal, always, I will say no. However, after checking out this place, I think I am convert…


bah kut teh?????!!!

Eco Life Kitchen 園味食坊


Located at Fraser Business Park, taking up one premise on the top floor; this is a place that serves vegetarian dishes using fresh organic goods from their farm. Yes, the owners own a farm in Bukit Tinggi, which is now known as an eco-leisure village named as Song Yan. They will serve the organic products from their farm to the customers in Song Yan as well as delicious vegetarian cuisine in Eco Life Kitchen, headed by Chef Steven Siew who is also a vegetarian himself.


The restaurant carries some organic products too. And Song Yan Ginger Enzyme is their homemade enzyme that one should really check out.



Sparkling Sweet and Sour Plum (Rm 4.9)
A refreshing drink to kick starts our meal.


Mango Sushi Roll
Filled with cucumber, pickled radish, purple cabbage, pumpkin floss and topped with slices of fresh mango, black sesame seed and mayo. Another refreshing start and it seems like something we can find in Japanese place but minus the meat. I love the sweet and mellow mango compatible with the crunchy bits of vegetables stuffed inside which resulted a good contrast of texture.


Omelette Roll (Rm 11.9)
Not a pure vegan dish as eggs is present in this dish. Filled with seaweed, peanuts, purple cabbage, wasabi mayonnaise, carrots and wrapped over with thin layer of omelette. Yummmm! It was really good and I prefer this to the Mango Sushi Roll.


Pumpkin Tofu (Rm 9.9)
Housemade Pumpkin tofu which was deep fried into perfection; topped with cucumber, green mango, pineapples, turnip, carrot and drizzled with the addictive Thai chilli sauce. The tofu itself was crispy on the outside and soft silky on the inside; and the Thai chilli sauce is always the best friend to any kind of fried tofu.


Penang Rojak (9.9)
No Har Gou in this rojak but it tasted so good. Chef Steven told us the sauce is made of seaweed with a hint of ocean essence. Stirred up with green mango, papaya, pineapple, cucumber, turnip and peanuts.


Mushroom Satay (Rm 8.9)
Made with Coprinus comatus mushroom (杏鮑菇) and it was chunky and chewy with meaty texture. Such a great stuff to go with the beer.


Vegetable Steamboat (Rm23.9)
Comes with 2 types of soup of your choice, miso and old cucumber soup; served with broccoli, cauliflower, enoki mushrooms, bitter gourd, pumpkin, fried beancurd skin (foo jok) and vegetables.




Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh (Rm 16.9)
The herbal soup was awesome, clear and clean! Boiled with more than 14 types of herbs that are all handpicked by the chef, tossed in with a variety of mushrooms, tofu, foo jok, vegetables and the meaty-texture Monkey Head Mushrooms


Lei Cha King (Rm 14.9) or literally translated into Hakka Thunder Rice
I love lei cha but it always appears in only one colour, green. But the lei cha in Eco Life Kitchen is very colourful! It is served with all the colourful elements such as carrot, pumpkin, peanut, raddish, beancurd, Chinese white cabbage, chickpeas and a pot of hot soup that is made of basil, mints and herbs to be poured over the rice before eating (or you can have the soup and rice separately too if you don’t fancy wet-based rice).



Nasi Lemak (Rm 14.9)
A healthier choice of nasi lemak as it was made with brown rice that is cooked with coconut oil instead of coconut milk; side with sambal petai, belinjo, tempeh, cucumber, curry vegetables, mushroom and tomato. A good plate for sharing as it was quite filling. The curry vegetable was pretty special. It was cooked with cashew nut milk which I find it very aromatic and flavourful. Maybe I should ask mum to substitute the santan with cashew nut milk if she plans to make vege curry at home.


Assam Laksa (Rm 13.9)
Sourish soupy assam laksa came with Korean sweet potato noodles, cucumber, pineapple, seaweed sprout, mint leaf and lettuce. Nice flavour but not my kind of thing as I prefer having fish chunks in my assam laksa.



Indo Curry Mee (Rm 13.9)
I like the idea they made the curry with cashew nut milk which I find it way much healthier and fragrant. This curry mee was creamy, thick, rich and tossed with lots of ingredients. Will prefer having some meat in it too… Opsss, never gonna happen here though.


Spinach Pesto (Rm 13.9)
Oat noodle coated with pesto and topped with spinach, basil leaf, pine nut, tomato, carrot and pumpkin. Another healthy colourful noodle dish.


And soon, we ended our dinner with soothing Harmony Flower Tea and Wild Chrysanthemum & Wolfberry Tea

Specially thanks to Eco Life Kitchen for a wonderful and clean dinner. Just can’t wait to visit their resort in Bukit Tinggi. And now I know, vegetarian cuisine can be this great and yummy, and no more mock meat in sight.

Eco Life Kitchen
40-4 (Level 4),
Fraser Business Park
Jalan Metro Pudu
Off Jalan Loke Yew
55200 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2389 0228
Closed Wednesdays

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