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Located in TTDI, Neutrals a brilliant collaboration between the two local artisanal F&B companies – The Roast Things Coffee Roaster and my favourite café Stand by Sunbather Coffee ; opens up its door in end of May, but sadly due to MCO (again), I can’t make my way over!

Hearsay this space is quite inviting; painted with raw and minimalist hue but lifted up with potted greens hanging on the ceiling, lively wall plants and potted plants everywhere in the premise. Really can’t wait to visit.

On the menu, expect the Japanese sando-style sandwiches, bento, delicious creamy quiche and also fluffy scones. As for the drinks, of course there will be perfect blends from The Roast Things Coffee Roaster.

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Cold Brew White with milk (Rm 15)

Maple Chicken Sando (Rm 26)
Sous-vide chicken breast, fresh apple slices, turkey ham, lettuce, maple peanut butter sandwiched in between the housemade rye bread. I loved their Ajitsuke Tamago Sando, and this maple chicken sando has my vote too. Interesting layers of ingredients where you get a bit of sweet, a bit of nutty in it. Yum!

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Marmalade Chicken Bento (Rm 25)
Grilled marmalade chicken, tamagoyaki, potato mochi, Japanese spinach and imitation crab salad, kinpira gobo; the comforting Japanese style nutritious daily meal, comes with fluffy Japanese steamed rice.

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Unagi & Leek Quiche (Rm 21)
Smoked eel, burnt leek and potato cubes. It was so creamy and rich.

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And what’s perfect for teatime?! Their signature scones!

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Matcha scone + mascarpone + matcha cream +fresh strawberry (Rm 12)
Appeared in contrast colours of green, red and white. Attractive yet delicious, creamy cheesy filling sandwich in between the crusty butter scone layers.

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Hojicha scone + kinako glaze + soft mocha (Rm 12)
This was so good! Gooey chewy madness to pair with the crusty buttery scone. Quite an innovative and interesting combo. Their soft mochi always wow my heart.

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Besides signature scones, they offer a selection of scones comes in Buttermilk, Lavender & Yuzu, hojicha * caramel, matcha, buckwheat & Treacle and Earl Grey to pair with housemade clotted cream and all-natural artisan preserves such as strawberry shiso, blackcurrant coffee, passionfruit curd and golden kiwi.

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So why wait? Make you teatime extra special with these huge and buttery scones.

30A, Persiaran Zaaba,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
012-232 9886

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