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A new face has just popped up along the Jalan Kasah, Medan Damansara not too long ago. Serving the innovative tapas plates with a fuse of Asian flavours in it.

Tiki Taka

What a cute name! Behind this cute name, there is its meaning.

The founder, Hans explained to us that Tiki Taka is a style of play in football, characterised by short passing and movement, work the ball through various channels and maintain position. Also, it means “food hopping” in Spain too. Like, you hop from one place to another place, trying out a bit a bit their food/ tapas and the booze, then hop on to another one, repeating all night long. Hence, there are dishes like pintxos and tapas; yummy dishes just to make your stomach fill up a bit while there is still space for other variety of food to fit in.


Cocktails to go for the night. Of course there are also beer, or wine or whiskey too.


Asam Boi Mojito (Rm 25)
Rum with asam boi, fresh mint leaves, lime, syrup & topped with soda


Lychee Mojito
Vodka & Lychee


Passion Fruit Whiskey Sour (Rm 25)
Bourbon whiskey, strawberry, lemon juice & syrup


Tiki Taka Specials
Shoreditch (Rm 30)
Gin, cucumber with apple syrup


Pulp Fiction (Rm 30)
Whisky, ginger, honey, fresh orange and pineapple juice


Connors Draught (Rm12 – half pint / Rm 18 – 1 pint)
The amazing black beauty. With the special skilful triple pull & pour ‘invented’ by Hans; a very unique method he did to create the dome of the foam, sitting peacefully at the edge of the glass, which added lots of creaminess to the stout.

Happy hour must come with some small bites because we can never drink on an empty stomach.

Pintxos are small snack which are usually eaten in the bar together with a glass or two. The perfect bite size snack that works like appetizer to fill up the bit of empty space in your stomach before going into the mains.


Salmon Crema (Rm 8 each)
Dill cream cheese, smoked salmon, black lumpfish caviar and truffle honey


Salted Egg Crab Bun (Rm 9 each)
The fluffy charcoal brioche sandwiched with salted egg crab meat, curry leaves, bird eye’s chili and salted egg cream sauce. The chef did well on this dish. Savoury but not overwhelming, the salted egg cream sauce was overflowing but not over-cloyingly. No sharing for this definitely!!!


Nutella Bacon (Rm 6 each)
Nutella, caramelized banana, walnut, grilled bacon, truffle honey and blueberries. Bacon with caramelized banana and Nutella with caramelized banana are always the pairs. But putting all three of them in one is something I come across the very first time. Love the combination very much. Sweet and savoury, nutty and fragrant. It was very instagrammable too, decorated in such a pretty way. Just too pretty to be eaten.


Pork Satay (Rm 22)
Marinated pork skewers served with spicy peanut sauce and kyuri. My favourite version of satay, which can be found here. Big fat juicy pork skewer dosed with flavourful marinade and went along with their aromatic peanut sauce.


Singapore Chilli Prawns (Rm 24)
Singapore style chilli prawns, deep fried mantou buns, and coriander and sesame seeds. Now you get Asian flavours infuse into Spanish dish, as in the tapas. The prawns were fresh and I can’t help soaking the chilli base sauce with the mantou.


Ikan Bakar (Rm 25)
Banana leaf grilled wild red snapper fillet, chili sambal, served with tamarind torch ginger dip and kyuri. Pretty addictive it was, with the spicy kick of homemade chili sambal. Will be delighted if the texture of fish fillet was not that coarse. They are still experimenting on it though.


“Sin” is King Pork Pizza (Rm 25)
Red pepper sauce, back bacon, minced pork, spicy sausage, streaky bacon chips, pork floss, olives, red pepper, mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan, onion, parsley. Omggg… just gimme anything that do with pork, I am a happy girl.


Char Siu Pizza
Char siu pork, mozzarella, cheddar, BBQ sauce, red pepper, kyuri, spring onion. Love this creation of theirs. Using the caramelized bbq char siu be part of the ingredient on the pizza, sweet and savoury, with the bits of char hint. If only the char siu was made of fatty pork belly with charred fatty parts, that will be perfect.


Nutella Bacon Wantons (Rm 12)
Deep fried Nutella and bacon wantons served with macerated berries with balsamic glaze and snow sugar dip. Nutella and bacon, my true loves! They are sweet and savoury combination, glazed with the sourish berries and balsamic. You just can’t imagine how all these ingredients can be an interesting match.


Ice Ice Baby (Rm 12)
Mango sorbet, coconut ice cream, toasted coconut flakes, pandan palm sugar syrup, buttered popcorn, crushed peanuts, and fruit medley. Not an ordinary ice cream sorbet with an assortment of fruits and nuts. Try it and you will know why.


Churros (Rm 12)
Spanish skinny doughnuts coated with cinnamon sugar and served with dark chocolate sauce.

They serve breakfast / brunch on the weekends too! Can’t wait to try out their weekend plates. Another plus point, they offer valet at FOC!!! Who doesn’t love FOC stuff???

Tiki Taka
138, Jalan Kasah,
Medan Damansara,
50490 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Mon to Fri: 4pm till 1am
Sat & Sun: 9am till 1am

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