Sunday Brunch @ 2OX, The Row, KL

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Sunday brunch, it has been really quite a while I see you. I love the peacefulness over the brunch, savouring the delicious bits that is sincerely prepared by the chef and presented on the table, and a small chat with the group. Especially this one, in my favourite French bistro, with bubbly and wine and all sort of great delicacies on the plate on a beautiful Sunday…

Sunday Brunch @ 2OX




Every Sunday, 2OX is taking the diners on a culinary tour around France. You will be treated with the flavours of Brittany, the scent of Provence, the taste of Bourgogne… on the palate. So, on every Sunday, it will be the exploring the France day!

Sunday Brunch Menu

Rm 108++ with soft beverages

Rm 158++ with free flow of Red Wine or White Wine


Oh bubbly!


Started off with some bread and its dipping to warm the tummy.
That day, we get to sample their Bourgogne Sunday Brunch Menu.



Gougère with Cheese
Gougère is the savoury choux pastry made of choux dough with cheese; appeared in golden brown with crunchy crust on the shell contrasting well with the light and airy cheese center.

Tarte A L’Epoisse
Epoisse Cheese Tartelette
Oh boy, I wish I can imitate this at home! This was my favourite of these 3. The cheese center was creamy and filled with gooey madness. Just one bite, the intense flavour of the cheese tartlette lingered round the oral cavity and stayed for long. Texture wise, it was mellow-y and soufflé-liked. Velvet and soft.


Oeuf Meurette
This is a traditional dish from Burgundian cuisine based on poached eggs and meurette sauce or bourguignon sauce that is made up of red wine, bacon, mushrooms, onions… The chef said, sauce is like the soul in French cuisine. Yep it was full-bodied and lovely.




La Pochouse
Pan Seared Fish with Tarragon sauce
The Burgundian fish stew, drenched elegantly with the aromatic buttery cream sauce .


Boeuf Bourguignon
Beef cheek cooked in red wine sauce with tomatoes and carrots.
And I fell in love with this, at the first sight taste. Also knowns as beef bourguignon, it is a very well-known French recipe. And chef has it made with beef cheek, which was braised till tender, with a melt-in-mouth texture yet juicy and flavourful at the same time. All of us polished this clean!


Came to the sweet ending, we were served with Poire Poche Au Vin Rouge.
Poached pear in red wine, vanilla ice cream was a heart winning sweet ending. It was a simple dessert, with warm red wine colour poached pear and its sauce, loaded with spices and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream made with real vanilla bean on the side. Love having the warm dessert touches with the chilled element. They are always the perfect combo.


That’s a very well spent Sunday, with the bunch of people I love, in my favourite place for the hearty warm cuisine. Remember to check out their website and Facebook page for more upcoming events and promotion. Also, do check out my previous visit in 2OX too!

The Row
56G, Jalan Doraisamy
WP Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2692 2233

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