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Located at the 4th floor J’s Gate Dining, Torikin is an izakaya I have visited a few times. The first time I went last year, I found the yakitori here was quite expensive and smaller in size. So I didn’t bother to blog about it even though their famous matcha tiramisu is quite a thing.

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I visited again early of this year; found out the yakitori was plumper than before, the price is also quite reasonable now. They have this yakitori highball set too that keeps me returning too! And I have just visited again few weeks ago too! Izakaya night, it has been a while!

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Highball Set (Rm 55)
Comes with 2 glasses of highball and 4 yakitori of your choice.

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Highball, forever yakitori’s best friend, to untie those knots on the shoulders after work, chill your throat after the hot-piping skewers!

Kawayaki (Rm 8 for 2) – chicken skin
Tsukune (Rm 10 for 2) – chicken meat ball
Torimomo (Rm 10 for 2) – chicken thighs
Butabara (Rm 12 for 2) – pork belly
Enoki Maki (Rm 7) – enoki mushroom wrapped in pork belly strips
Negi Maki (Rm 7) – spring onions wrapped in pork belly strips
Chiizu Maki (Rm 8) – cheese wrapped in pork belly strips
Shiso Maki (Rm 7) – Shiso leaves wrapped within the pork belly strips

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Here were some of the skewers we had. As usual, my must order, the artery-clogging kawa (chicken skin). Theirs were pretty good for the first round but slightly chewier on our add on second round. Mochi Maki is also another must order. The mochi has turned into gooey chewy texture after grilling and flavored by the pork belly’s fats. Chiizu Maki was good too. Must have it right it is served to you. Others were all very well marinated and grilled to perfection and succulent! Yum!

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Aside from yakitori, do try out their signature Torimabushi (Rm 32). It was the quite similar to the Hitsumabushi except it was loaded with grilled chicken instead of unagi; served along with condiments such as grilled piiman (green bell pepper), yuzu pepper, chopped spring onions, grated radish, chicken broth and an onsen egg.

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I really enjoyed eating this. The grilled chicken was tender, juicy and its skin was char-grilled to a very aromatic state. Adding the condiments and chicken broth will give another new flavour too! The chicken broth was packed with essence too.

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Not to mention, that gooey madness onsen egg to mix with the rice and grilled chicken!

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Deep fried chicken that works best as beer or highball snack!

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Doresudo Omurice (Rm 30)
Fluffy swirl-dressed omelette on a bed of diced chicken garlic rice. How not to love!

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Matcha Tiramisu (Rm 17)
Layered inside this Masu (sake wooden box) were the green tea sponge layer, cream and dusted with matcha powder. When this was first launched, it was viral in all social media and now I know why. It was soft and smooth with cream-liked texture, not sweet and you won’t feel cloying even having it all by yourself! Try it out if you fancy matcha and tiramisu, this combination works great.

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Kanpai for friendship!

Torikin @ J’s Gate Dining
Level 4, Lot 10 Shopping Mall,
No.50, Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Kuala Lumpur
Opens daily from 11am to 11pm

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