De-stress @ Yogitree, The Gardens

  • Sumo

Stressful Max!!!


The only remedy – dining out with the gals

We chose to dine in here for a real de-stress remedy like what we did last time.


We ordered this again as we love the flavourful light cream sauce drenched on the spaghetti – Al Funghi with Mushrooms and Ceps in Light Cream Sauce and Truffle Oil (RM 23); sadly, it was quite bland and we had to season it with salt and pepper 🙁


Grilled Organic Chicken on Toasted Ciabatta with basil mayonnaise and tomato salsa (RM 20). Bread was freshly toasted and spreaded with real butter; sandwiched the organic chicken and green. something healthy for us!
Whenever we Stress-out, desserts are the great one to burn off our stress away!


Pineapple Upside Down Cake served with vanilla ice cream and pineapple compote was very tropical and refreshing.


Pure Chocolate Truffles Torte served with Whipped cream ‘wow-ed’ our heart. Love the creamy and fairly dense chocolate truffles; soft and silky and melt once on your tongue.


Love the gals’ meeting-out and a lil’ shopping to wipe out the entire stressful mind before the weekend comes.
As soon as Monday ‘drops’ by, the intensity of stress increase again 🙁
To my sweetie girls, when shall we do this again??? 

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16 thoughts on “De-stress @ Yogitree, The Gardens”

  • Splashie Boy saw you all dining at Yogitree that night. Was supposed to join them too but had work. Looks good and yes, that is the best way to destress.

  • 跟好友用餐,谈天是抛下压力都最好方法~

  • xin,
    where are you working now?! hmmm, how bout going there for dinner everyday??? hehe

    really?! omg, we din know splashie boy was there. *pai seh* if not we would have say hi to him ><

    haha 🙂 let's go

  • shell,

    we too. love the creamy creamy sauce of the pasta but not this round as it was bland @@

    yes, and only with girl friends, and we will have more topics to gossip too 🙂

  • lol.. i realize that most of the food served at the yogitree have a very long name.. haha.. the food looks good to me thou =D their cakes must taste real good.. yum yum..

  • WyYv,
    true, very true. their cakes are really great. do have a try. they are all healthy too.

    hehe, from loccitane. we were there for the lovely packs…

    thanks for dropping by. do drop by more often ya 🙂

    simon seow,
    no worrr, the first time we went there was a good one. everything were yummy

    miss ya dear.
    sobz… i hate going back to reality … 🙁

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