Ramadhan Santapan Buffet @ The Living Room, Westin KL

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During Christmas, we have turkey and log cakes and ginger bread man cookies.
During CNY, we have mouth watering chinese cuisine such as yee sang, seafood, sea cucumber…
During Duan Wu festival, we have dumplings and ba chang(s)

and this month, we have lots of yummies from our Malay friends – ayam golek, popiah, assorted kuih, cendol, murtabak, satay, rendang, lemang, curry ikan, ayam… 

Just limited to those?! 

Why not breaking fast with “Ramadhan Santapan” buffet in Westin KL at The Living Room?!


Before breaking fast, be sure to cleanse your palate with the refreshing zam zam water imported from the wells of Mecca. 

The zam zam mineral water was discovered in the middle of the desert in Mecca, the holy land of Islam, 2500 years ago. Scientifically proven to contain healing qualities due to the high content of calcium and magnesium salts as well as natural fluorides that encompass germicidal action.  


and so, let’s berbuka puasa together and feast on an array of signature dishes prepared by the chefs




Local starters such as Kerabu Ayam Carik Daun Selom, Kerabu Udang Mangga Muda, Tauhu Bakar Bukit Bintang


Pecal Jawa







Ayam Kampong Gulai Nangka (left)


Grilled Lamb

Not just the local Malaysian Delights, you may find some Latin American cuisine too.


One of them is Seafood Paella (from Qba Latin Bar & Grill), a combination of fresh seafood and mussels to whet your appetite.



Love cheese?! Grab a bit of Roma Tomato & Mozzarella Cheese


aha, fresh salmon sashimi are available at the counter too! Available in 3 different flavours. 



and also a variety of dim sum selction (from EEST) for you to choose – Truffles Har Gau, Scallop and Asparagus Dumplings, Wu Gok ….


also, BBQ chicken, chicken Char Siew



Pasta. Choose your favourite and allow the chef to prepare them for you on spot.


Hot Soup counter with lots of green veges and beef slices, meat and squid slices… find myself in love with the coconut milk based soup available 🙂



“Ipoh” Clay Pot Fragrant Yee Mee – the hot piping one!!!


Otak – otak and satay

Let’s move on to Dessert Island with a selection of refreshing treats

various ingredients to choose to make your bowl of Air Batu Campur / Ais Kacang.





Taaa-daaa, you can find the famous Durian D24 too!!! 


assorted Laddu and Gajjar ka Halwa


Candies!!! and also Keropok(s) are available


Desserts – Tiramisu, Cupcakes, cream puff, pie with fresh strawberries


Chocolate fountain


Cheese Cake



Hah, i was able to grab a few of Westin’s mooncakes – 
(Traditional Baked Mooncake) Assorted fruit and nut, Low sugar white lotus paste with egg yolk, and 
(Mochi Snowskin) Ferrari Rocher (in red) – Cherry Lotus Snowskin; Sassy Sweet – Nutella Chocolate Crunch; Black Gold – Black Sesame, Almond and Gold Leaf.

Their mooncake and the mochi snowskin are made with very very very low sugar; non sweet and not too oily. 

love the Sassy Sweet with lots of Nutella in it.


while enjoying your meal, sway along with the music and songs played by the performers. 🙂

The photos above revealed just part of the dishes / food available in The Living Room. There are actually more than these available. Do check it out yourself in The Living Room. You may find more surprises over there 🙂

Many Thanks to Ming and Yoke May from the Westin Group for bringing us over 🙂


“Ramadhan Santapan” is available from now until 5th September
Experience the buffet with a renewing difference at The Living Room from 7 – 10.30pm daily.

Priced at RM 108 ++ per pax (Mondays to Thursdays) and
priced at RM 128 ++ per pax (Fridays to Sundays)

Starwood Privilege card members are entitiled to 25% discount for this buffet.
called up, and make reservation at 03-2773 8338

Westin Hotel KL
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.

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Memoirs of a Chocoholic (She managed to grab few pieces of chocolate before they ran off!!!)

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19 thoughts on “Ramadhan Santapan Buffet @ The Living Room, Westin KL”

  • J,
    yah, it was fun that night!!! nice seeing you there and you managed to grab the choco bites. awwww! i went back to look for them but there were gone.
    (linked urs to mine too :))

    the paella was great and what a surprise that they brought in durian 😛 in a limited quantities 😛

    kenny mah,
    unbelievable right?! haha, that's the biggest surprise ever. durian in the hotel. 😛

  • hi ai wei.. this buffet is really got a lot of food.. I wish to have the chance to try it but unfortunately both my gf and I is having exam these few weeks.. Guess we'll miss this out =/

  • what a crazy spread! i heard about the durian too.. how awesome is that .. too bad we don't eat it eh? LOL

  • what a crazy spread! i heard about the durian too.. how awesome is that .. too bad we don't eat it eh? LOL

  • WyYv,
    jia you jia you in exam. and then do more makan-s after that 🙂
    aiks, mine also coming soon *cry*

    lolx, is this the first hotel bringing in durians???

    there you go, take my parts 😛

    the food are well prepared with hearts and love. very yummy one i can say.

  • choi yen,
    it's in pretty red. hmm, my skill now up the the standard. not able to picture them nicely. sorry bout that.


    i have never tried the one in shang b4. so, dunno how it's like e ><

    yeah, we dun take durian. ahahaha, nevermind, there are lots more other to go for. it would be great if you were there that night 🙁

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