Hua Hin Train Station @ Hua Hin, Thailand


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When you are travelling in Hua Hin, Thailand, you will find a lot of this sign standing along the road. No matter where you go, you will find this; along the road, or in the postcard, or even made as souvenirs (just like the small tiny one behind this large sign)

Wonder Why?

One of the famous attractions in Hua Hin is the railway station and it is actually the sign of train station in Hua Hin.


Hua Hin Train Station


The train station is built in the reign of King Rama VI. It is a wooden building with Thai concept and painted brightly in yellow and red. 


Very vintage-y feel, don’t you think so???



The railway


Fancy a train ride to Hua Hin? 
You can take a train from Butterworth. 


There is this royal waiting room just next to the train station 


Hua Hin is a royal seaside getaway town. In those old days, train is the only alternative way (besides boat) to get to Hua Hin from Bangkok. Therefore, this waiting room is built for the royal family. 




My lovely friends are now Hua Hin
Both of them make me miss Hua Hin so muchie. Awww… 


For more places of attraction in Hua Hin, kindly view Trip Summary; or view my other post on the very old-school village – PlearnWan, Hua Hin

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Comments (10)

Its near the beach resort right?

Very nice and red train station! Looks well-preserved too!

yeahhh i guess, haha, didn't really notice the distance.
you have been there???

it is very pretty lor, and looking new too!

Very nice photos 🙂

Eh no plank on the rail road ah …. look YENG lor! XD

baby sumo,

hahaha, cool idea.
i have never thought of that while i was there.

No wonder you like this place so much. It really does look like a nice place. Very special architecture for a train station indeed.

I am truly in love with this place.
would love to revisit again! ehehe

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