Marutama Ramen; for the rainy weather


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Kakuni Tamago Ramen

Lovely rainy day with hot bowl of soupy ramen; happy.


Ajitsuke Tamago Ramen

Simple things can actually makes ones happy. The simple, the better, the happier.
Just like this bowl of ramen, with springy noodles topped with a variety of toppings in soupy broth-y soup; Marutama Ramen has actually wow-ed my heart and that makes me and my friends revisit for more.


Marutama Ramen is one of the famous ramen chains from Japan. Their broth is made of chicken that has been cooked under high heat for 5 hours; resulted very thick and rich type of soup base. It is quite a surprise to find out that they are using chicken instead of pork bone to boil the broth. It takes one chicken to make only 2 bowls of soup!


The menu is pretty straightforward; choose either spicy or non spicy broth, then the toppings. I had the Kakuni Tamago (Rm 27) that comes with a slice of roast pork or “cha shu”, seaweed, spring onion, seasoned egg and pork bellies. While the BFF Fang had the Ajitsuke Tamago Ramen (Rm 20) that came with all ingredients as mine except the pork bellies. Both the cha shu and pork bellies were very well seasoned and juicy on every bites. 


Strands of springy noodles, adsorbing the essence of the chicken soup; so … slurppp them up!


Seasoned egg is something not to be missed, with perfect runny center; I just couldn’t say no.


Love some fried garlic in your bowl of ramen? Help yourself! If you loved to have some extra noodles, you could refill it at Rm 3 per portion but sorry, soup is not refillable.


Marutama Ramen
Fahrenheit 88
F1.27.01, First Floor,
Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +603-21411573
opening Hours : 11.30am to 10.00pm

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Comments (10)


This is still my favourite ramen joint even after visiting Ippudo last week. Perfection in a bowl and soup is good to the last drop.

That looks like a very satisfying meal.

Heard alot of good reviews about their ramen. I should try it someday.

I love the flavoured egg here, always have to order extra when we come to Marutama.

This is one of my all time fave spots for ramen. Consistently good broth and of course the egg is such a super plus here.

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