Maruhi Saka Bar 大众秘酒场 @ Plaza Faber, Taman Desa

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This is what I love shouting during the Friday after working time! Holding a glass in our hands, held our hands high and said cheeerrrrrs!!!



This is a last Friday story, where I spontaneously popped out the happy hour session a day before and these few buddies agreed to go with me. We headed to the town’s secret drinking place – Maruhi Saka Bar which is now a hot topic in town.



After the Sanuki Udon and Gerai Makanan Japanese BBQ, here comes another line expansion by the charming Mr. Seiji Fujimoto. Located at Plaza Faber, facing the main road (no more back alley this round), Maruhi Saka Bar is specializing in kushiyaki. Same as his previous premises, the menu comes in just a simple laminated A4 size menu. Do check out the day’s specials which are scribbled on the white board, you will be able to find something interesting every now and then.


Edamame (Rm 3)


We started off with some tummy-fillers; Rice with chicken soup (Rm 10) was decent, brimmed with quite an amount of ingredients. Love the soup; it was richly flavoured with bonito.


Minced meat with soup (Rm 10)


Kampong Egg Rice (Rm 7). Rice topped with a fresh kampong egg, bonito flakes, seaweeds and sprinkles of white sesame seeds; the kampong egg did the trick. This bowl of rice was super fresh!



Pork Big Intestine Stew (Rm 10)
The offal dish we had for the night was seriously sooooo good. The intestine slices were soft and … it didn’t taste like intestine at all, in terms of texture and taste. If you don’t fancy intestine, you may find yourself loving this, I assure.


Chicken Wing (Rm 5/stick)


Chicken Skin (Rm 4/stick)


Pork Belly (Rm 4/stick)


Pork Shoulder (Rm 4/stick)

maruhi sakaba

Minced Meat (Rm 7/stick)


Enoki Rolled in Meat and Shimeji Rolled in Meat (Rm 5/stick)


Eggplant (Rm 3/stick)

Kushiyaki pork belly was our favourite; with even proportion of fats and lean meat; lightly seasoned and grilled to perfection, succulent and tender. We had numerous orders of this. The artery-clogging Chicken Skin was great too! Love the ‘kat-tsu-kat-tsu’ sound when chewing on the crunchy skin. But then again, chicken skin from kushiyaki kuni was far crunchier than this. The others such as chicken wings were pretty normal. If you are adventurous enough, do try out their chicken sashimi, liver sashimi and other offal available.


Beautify the grilled with the egg yolk and also their seriously hot sambal chilli for extra kicks!


Friday night!!! Never go without a glass or two. We had the Maruhi Sour (Rm 45) or also known as “kettle cocktail” which is good for sharing. This cocktail drink comes with the mix of shochu, angostura bitter, lime and soda water. I found that it was a bit diluted, perhaps too many ice added in?! Just lack of the ohhmmp I fancy, maybe it was just me. If shochu is not your kind of things, try Asahi or Sapporo beer or one cup sake.


maruhi sakaba2

with the buddies

Feeling blue??? Why not kill the monday blue by planning your Friday night out??? And get ready your vocal cords to shout Kanpai!!!

Maruhi Saka Bar 大众秘酒场
6A, Faber Plaza,
Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa,
Kuala Lumpur.
Open 6pm-11pm, except Mondays.

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