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Last Friday, together with the drinking-partners E and J; 3 of us braved through the crazy traffic after the heavy downpour, just to have a Friday-after-work-dinner and happy hour here in Shuraku. Thanks to the storm, our dinner turned out to become… errr supper. Well, it did not tense us up as it was Friday! Friday is a day where you should slow down your footsteps and happily welcome the weekend, isn’t it?!


Shuraku; an izakaya 居酒屋, cozy little drinking place that is very popular among the after-work drinking crowds (or happy hour). Just plain drinking?! Nope, they serve snacks food or grilled or fried stuff too!



Sake was our best friend of the night. We tried it warm.


And then… switched to the chilled one. We still find chilled sake suits our tummies most.


Agedashi Tofu (RM 12)
Deep fried tofu in amberjack sauce.


Tori Karaage (RM 14)
Huge chunks of deep fried chicken cutlets came in piping hot. Another sake or beer’s best friend.


Salmon Tataki Goma Dressing (RM 35)
It was on the pricier side but trust me, it worth trying. The fresh salmon slices were seared on one side and then the other side appeared pinkish, finally dressed it with the fragrant special sesame sauce. Love it.


Nasu Dengaku (RM 14)
Baked eggplant with miso bean paste. I couldn’t help munching it, even the eggplant skin!!! You must order this if you are a eggplant lover like me =)


Negi Cha Siew (Rm 16)
Grilled pork belly topped with yellow mustard and spring onion was on the sweeter side.


Tonkatsu Nabe (RM 22)
Special pork belly soup served piping hot in a hot pot. This clean and flavourful soup was made from lots of condiments in the hot pot; a great one during the rainy day.


Kinoku Butter (RM 14)
Japanese kinoki mushroom sauteed with butter.

Of course, not to miss out the yakitori (skewers food) to go along with a glass or 2.


Grilled mushrooms


Pork belly with enoki mushroom


Grilled pork belly; just minimal seasoning with salt, the pork belly turned out to be extremely fragrant and juicy.


Grilled chicken thighs




Shuraku is a great after-working-hour drinking place, serving high quality izakaya food at reasonable price. Do make reservation before heading here as this place is quite crowded.

Shuraku (located right above Maybank)
13-2, Jalan Solaris Mon’t Kiara 1,
Solaris Mon’t Kiara,
Off Jalan Duta Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 62030561
Business hours:
Tues – Sat: 6pm – 12.30am
Sun: 5pm – 11.15pm
Closed on Mondays

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