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Remember I had we had a soul and mind cleansing dinner on one Friday?
That was not all; because we had another cleansing session after the dinner. 
(Do take note with the term on what is their real cleansing session means). 


Well, I really needed some meat. So, I simply tikam (pointed) to a place that serves some protein. We then ended up in Yashiki Yakitori & Bar


Yakitori or  the grilled skewers; they come in bite-sized pieces of meats to offal, mushroom, vegetables … or anything that can go on the bamboo skewer, and grilled.

Sexy pork belly, salmon with pork belly, chicken… arrived piping hot, very very very fragrant and juicy. (priced at RM 3 onwards per skewer) 

and who is Yakitori’s best friend?!


That will go to sake.
We had a bottle of sake to share among all of us.


You are able to choose the types of small cup (ochoka) you preferred from 4 choices and you can have your sake warm or chilled. We had ours chilled. Mmmmmm….. 🙂


Yashiki Yakitori & Bar has quite an extensive menu. However, we were too full to sample the others. Will definitely drop by to try out the others on the menu and extra cleansing session 🙂

By the way, it’s Friday today!!!!!
What’s your plan?! 

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