Soya Chawan Mushi

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Chawan Mushi, the Japanese steamed custard in a cup is one of my favourite side dishes whenever it comes to Japanese cuisine. It is something similar to Chinese steamed egg but with different ingredients hidden at the bottom of the cup

All you need are just some simple ingredients and …


You can have soft silky smooth Chawan Mushi at home too!


Instead of dashi, I used unsweetened soya milk to create a rich, creamy and melt-in-mouth-type Chawan Mushi


Soya Chawan Mushi (makes 2)

1 egg
250 ml of unsweetened soya milk
1 teaspoonful of mirin
1/8 teaspoonful of salt (adjust based on your preferences)
Little bit of soy sauce
Japanese bunashimeiji mushroom

Lightly beat the egg and add in soya milk, mirin, salt and soy sauce.
Mix the ingredients lightly.
Sieve the egg-liquid mixture.
Place the prawn and button mushroom into the bowl.
Pour the egg-liquid mixture into the bowl.
Steam it for a minute at high heat and then 7 minutes at low heat.

Easy, isn’t it?! 🙂

Try it out today!

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21 thoughts on “Soya Chawan Mushi”

  • choi yen,
    i got it from market.
    or you can try those soya milk stall and ask them not to add in sugar

  • Wah, this is really new to me..looks very yummy, next time I will try with soya milk and see how it tastes 🙂

  • ulric,
    haha, a creamy version 🙂

    very silky smooth. can try it out at home 🙂

    do have a try. this is a really rich and creamy version. hope you will like it 🙂

  • melissathegreat,
    yeahhh, healthy version with the use of soya.

    have a try. it's super simple one.

    somewhere in singapore,
    🙂 hehe

  • simon seow,
    errr, this one got egg also worrr

    Yi Han,
    try it out. a simple recipe it is

    for sure you can do this well 🙂
    it is a super simple recipe. and it wont mess up the kitchen too. hehe


  • Nice recipe, I'll try it out when I have the chance! =) Haha, or if I'm lazy, I'll pass the recipe to my mum. Lol! Looks so silky!

  • a few question to ask..
    hope it wont sound stupid..

    1. steam the egg after the water boil or??

    2. if i use the chawan mushi cup, should i cover the lid?

    3. the mushroom and the prawn is placed at the bottom of the cup, right? when cooked, it will come to surface??

  • 傻鱼,
    it's not stupid, here we are to share and exchange 🙂

    yes, you have to wait till your water boil first before steaming.

    as for the lid, i am not really sure if there is any difference when u cover it. i didn't cover it because i am checking whether it is done.

    the mushroom and the prawn is placed at the bottom of the cup, when the chawan mushi is cooked, the mushroom may float on the surface.

    hope this help 🙂

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