Favourite of The Day #1: Braised Pork Trotter

  • Sumo

In fancy restaurant?!



In posh looking Chinese dining place?



Not anywhere but my house.

I just couldn’t believe my eyes, I could have this braised pork trotter on a normal weekday at home. It was not some kind of special occasion eg: Chinese New Year or some reunion dinner or anyone’s birthday. Just a simple normal day…


Mum made us braised pork trotter!!! Fried and braised for hours; used a special way to flavour the whole pork trotter; and created this special this. I love the fats part the most; soft, silky soft and melted right on the tongue. The skin was packed with collagen while the meat was succulent. 


Okay, don’t drool in front of the screen 😛

I wish i could have half of mum’s skill! YUM!!! 

Happy Friday!

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14 thoughts on “Favourite of The Day #1: Braised Pork Trotter”

  • nikel khor,

    baby sumo,
    ya. i should really start learning from her. but i don't do well on the measurement of those seasoning. sigh

    food dreams,
    agree! hehe


    haha, and put the cholesterol and waistline aside first

    hmmm, how should i answer this?!
    we sliced it only before served. and cut the portion that enough for us and keep the uncut one for the next meal.

  • wow… i have a quick view on the photo, and finding the location for this restaurant, then… why no address written? so i read the details… oh~~ the location is private place… wahakakak~~

  • miawru,
    sorry to disappointed you as it is in my private kitchen.
    hmmm, maybe in future time, there is private kitchen like this that serves this dish?! hehe ^^

  • Oh my god, and I thought it was from a restaurant! It looks so well-presented! And yes, I'm drooling. Haha! Can I go over and have some too? =D

  • recipe dear! i miss aunty's cooking.. still remember her yong tau foo.. yuumm! when wanna invite me over for dinner again? hehe

  • eatonlylar!,
    haha, only in my house's 'restaurant' 😛 can, come over or we make pot luck or something? hehehe

    oO, no idea what my mum add/put in. only available in my private kitchen.
    let's make pot luck or something, then i can bring over 😛 (if mum willing to cook that for me).

    ohhh, i dun mean to 'kill' you >.<

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