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Hello, Mr Squid

Ever since I am bored with the food around my work place, I start to pack lunch to work.

People always ask me, what time do I wake up to prepare all these?!

Hmmm, not very early. I am blessed with a job that is nearby my house (bear in mind I used to cross states every day to work. So, it’s time to enjoy this little “luxury benefits” now). My working hour starts at 9am and normally I woke up at around 7.30am and sometimes if I were overslept, it will be about 7.45am. I was lucky to get a job near to my work place but it will also take about 15 minutes for normal jam. If severe jam, it will take up to 20 mins and there was once 30 mins just for a merely 7 mins journey.

I am a very lazy person and I will try to max my sleeping hours. In order to max my sleeping time and shorten the preparation time, I will choose the easiest thing to do. So you will always see my signature such as salmon with soba and greens and the wrap with greens; because these takes only 10 mins of preparation time and voila, they are good for lunch. And I love spending time on making bento because it is a way to destress; destress by doing grocery shopping, planning the next day’s bento with available ingredients and try to max the limited time for it. Looking at my own’s bento at lunch will also reduce the percentage of “flipping table” at work.

Here are all my 10 mins work.

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Kimchi baked salmon with rice ball (+ furikake)

bento (4)

Pork chop with kiwi salad; balsamic dressing
Miso-glazed baked salmon with soba and greens; kiwifruit
Baked salmon with soba and greens
Apple salad with 7 mins egg (sometimes successful, sometimes not lar)

bento (5)

Baked chicken and pumpkin and rice; greens; strawberries and blueberries
Baked salmon with soba and greens; moon drop grapes
Baked chicken with pasta; greens and egg; strawberries and blueberries
A variety of wraps with greens and fruits. I always make wrap with egg/ baked chicken + lettuce + cheese + mayonnaise and sometimes + salmon flakes. My current favourite in the wrap consists of lettuce + kimchi + egg + cheese + mayonnaise which is so yum.

bento (8)

If I am really “hardworking”, I will wake up earlier to prepare these. Of course, they take longer preparation time. But some of the elements were prepared the night before.
Soba salad with baked salmon and nasu dengaku
Fungi aglio olio with baked pumpkin and greens; blueberries
Braised daikon with pork and greens on rice; Japanese persimmon

bento (6)

Sometimes there are some cheat bentos because using elements leftover from dinner the night before or takeaway quiche from the bakery. Haha.

bento (9)

Sometimes, I will have lux bento – my luxury version of bento. Hehe.
Unagi don with shredded egg and Okinawa seaweed salad, side with a Japanese kaki (persimmon)
Hokkaido scallop on pasta; mashed potatoes and greens

bento (7)

Glad to have my colleague to play along with me. She is really a good cook and a dietician too! Often, I get advice and ideas from her on what to prepare and how to prepare.

bento (10)

Twinsie bento because there were tamagoyaki and soba and nori

bento (1)

Recently, I am into these pan-fried dumplings or gyoza. Made a huge batch for which can last for a week. Okayyy… I am a boring person when it comes to food. As long as I fancy it, I can have the same thing every day.

Hmmm, I am out of ideas already. Do you have bento idea that you can share with me??? Anything that is yummy, easy, quick and can be done within 10 mins; all are welcomed! TQVM!

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