Kushiyaki Kuni 串焼邦 @ Plaza Damas, Hartamas

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Oh Boy, I just love happy hour-ing with the BFFs and welcoming the weekend together.


Last Friday, while the BFFs were all around in KL, we had a small hang out and reunion gathering in this Kushiyaki place.


Kushiyaki Kuni is an Izakaya, a cozy Japanese drinking place that is popular among the happy-hour-ing crowds after work. We were here during dinner time; this place was filled up not later by 8pm and most of them were Japanese customers!


Started off with an appetizer platter that came with big fat juicy and sweet tomatoes, squids and greens.


Healthy Tofu Salada (Rm 28) with house’s dressing. Simply refreshing!


Jiro No Tonjiru (Rm 18); flavourful soup to warm our tummies after long waiting and juggling through the traffic.


Yakitori Don (Rm 18)


comes with the side dishes.


Curry Udon (Rm 18)


New dish in the menu soon – Ramen! We were one of the very first customers who get to try out their new dishes.


Love the Ajitama (flavored egg) which was done perfectly; very well flavoured and there egg yolk was gelatinous-jelly-liked. Not to mention, the Cha Shu was melt-to-mouth type. Dip the ramen in the soup served and slurrrp them up!


Chicken Thigh (Rm 4); Pork Slice with Enoki Mushroom (Rm 5); Meat Ball Kushiyaki つくね (Rm 10)


Salmon Butter Soy Kushiyaki (Rm 10)


Shitake Mushroom しいたけ (Rm 3); Pork with Mentaiko 豚バラ明太 (Rm 10/stick) was amaizing! We ordered few more sticks of these skewers.


Iberico Pork イベリコ豚 (Rm 12); Pork Belly (Rm 5)
Both were fantastic too! Seasoned with minimal salt, the pork skewers turned out to be very fragrant and juicy!


Chicken Skin (Rm 4)
The crispy bits that was seriously additive!



Some desserts for the night; not available all time.


Last but not least, the Lemon Sour and Grapefruit Sour (Rm 12.80 each). Fruity cocktails that made with shochu and fresh fruit juice are something lovely to go with your meal if you do not fancy the alcoholic beverages (sake or shochu alone).

kushiyaki kuni

With the fun BFFs.


I can see that the weekends is waving at me now. What’s the plan eh???

Weekends, who doesn’t love???

PS: Sorry for the short elaboration of this post; was in a rush to pack my stuff and go to bed. I will just let the photos to do more on the talking!


Kushiyaki Kuni
E-0-15 & 1-10, Plaza Damas
No 60, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6206 2990

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