Yakitori Dining Fukuda by Torifuku @ Desa Sri Hartamas, KL

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My kind of Friday?! That should be like this…


Kanpai, kanpai and kanpai!!!

Noticed this newbie popped up at Desa Sri Hartamas, me and my sake-kaki decided to put away all the work burden, heavy shoulders … and happy hour all night long on the Friday!

Yakitori Dining Fukuda by Torifuku


A small cosy dining place equipped with the izakaya dining concept; serving more than just yakitori.
It housed only a few small tables at the side and some seats at the counter, observing the chef preparing your skewer orders. Therefore, reservation is a must to avoid disappointment. It was pretty crowded once after 7.30pm. Patrons started to flow in but most of them turned away as it was already full house. Once seated, you will be served with the oshibori (wet towel) to clean your hand and an appetizer to munch on.



Junmai Daiginjo Mansakunohana (Rm 187)
There is a variety of sake available but we chose this due the word of hana (flower) as we believe there must be a sweet floral note hidden in this classy sake. Yes, we were right. It has a pleasant floral scent and amai taste. Love its sweet and intense note that lingering around the oral cavity after every sip. Till I checked it out online, this sake is produced by a Hinomaru Brewery which is renowned for its small-batch production of premium sake using artisanal methods.


Edamame (Rm 11)
Sake’s must have! Okay, this is more like a beer food to us, light and addictive. We were pretty crazy and ended up having 2 servings of this.


Potato Salad (Rm 13)
I thought their potato salad was a homey type but it was a saltier version which went best with the amai sake as well as an extra condiment to the don/rice.


Chicken Cha-Siu Roll with tasty boiled egg (Rm 15)
Sincere cuts of char-siu, served with braised egg. It was pretty good, but it was slightly on the saltier side.


Sea Urchin Rice with Onsen egg (Rm 27)
Fill up the tummy before continue to drink. Fresh sea urchin on a bed of piping hot fluffy rice!!! Though it was not the sweetest one, it was still a creamy factor to go with the gooey bed of onsen egg rice. Yum!!!



Come to a yakitori dining place, yakitori is a must to order. Chicken (a various part to choose from) skewers here are priced at around Rm 4 to Rm 5. Negima (Rm 5) and Tukune (Rm 11) were moist and yummy, very well marinated and we had numerous orders for these. The artery-clogging Kawa or chicken skin was not just crispy but it retained some chewiness sections too for some gum activities. It was very aromatic with chicken oil bits. We weren’t fancy the dry Sasami Wasabi though. Aside from chicken, they serve also wagyu beef and foie gras on the yakitori range too. Wagyu Strip Loin (Rm 18) was expensive but it worth the money spent. Succulent and juicy with melt-to-mouth texture. I have to say, this is one of the better yakitori place in KL and I will definitely revisit for more of their sake collection and the skewers!!! 


Sasami Wasabi (Rm 5) – Chicken breast with wasabi; Green asparagus (Rm 6)


Shitake (Rm 4)
Japanese mushroom with dancing bonito.


Kawa (Rm 4)


Tukune (Rm 11)
Japanese chicken hamburger stick


Negima (Rm 5)
Chicken with Japanese leek


Wagyu Strip Loin (Rm 18)


It’s Friday tomorrow. Planned yours??? And so, what is your kind of Friday???

Yakitori Dining Fukuda By Torifuku
39-G, Jalan 23/70A,
Desa Sri Hartamas,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6206 3526
Opens daily from 5.30pm to 12midnight.

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