Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 @ Taman Desa, Kuala Lumpur


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Take a break from those stories and allow me to share my recent find with you guys – Yakiniku or simply known as grilled meat, or more likely the Japanese BBQ.


Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ 大众烧肉 is one of my good finds in Year 2011 (highly recommended by a choosy friend a.k.a. picky eater) after fire-y hot meal in Uncle Jang and the once-a-while-splurge in Shuraku. Want a place for sake and some grilled stuff but not ready for a splurge?! Perhaps, this could be in your list.



Tucked inside the back alley of Plaza Faber in Taman Desa neighbourhood was this cute little food stall managed by Mr. Seiji Fujimoto, who is also the owner of Sanuku Udon. Here… no air-con, no glossy looking menu (just a simple laminated A4 size menu), not very brightly-lit (yes if you are sitting at the open space area), and … get ready to sweat


Genghis Khan (RM 20) or Jingisukan was the only lamb dish in the menu. It was a type of Japanese grilled mutton dish prepared and served on a convex metal skillet. The lamb pieces were very well marinated, soft and juicy and a lil bit of gamey taste. That’s how I love my lamb be.


After the Genghis Khan, the staff will remove the pan for you and you can now go for your ordered raw meat, slices by slices and grilled them side by side.



Pork Belly (RM 10) with the right proportion of fats and lean parts.


Pork Loin (RM 10)


Pork tongue (RM 6). Am a fan of tongue. The tongue slices turned out to be crunchy-liked after grilling. All these meaty slices go great with the sauce provided (which is the mixture of Japanese soy sauce, sake, mirin, sugar, garlic and sesame).

If you are not a pork person, you could opt of beef! They are all stated in the laminated A4 size menu.


Is that all?! NO!
Do try out their stewed rice with egg for a tummy-filling ending. Something comfy and this is prepared straight from their kitchen.



As usual, the yakiniku and yakitori’s best friend… Pick your choice!



with the cooling agents after the hot stuff


Gerai Makan Japanese BBQ
Center Court, Plaza FAber,
Jalan Desa Jaya,
Taman Desa off Jalan Klang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours: opens daily from 6pm till midnight

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Comments (27)

Nice place…must go check this out one day!

Chris, try it try it try it! 🙂

Never think of a Japanese cuisine can be opened in this way~~~~special for me! Now I realize it is exist~ ^^ especially topped with a name, Gerai Makan..
Btw, LOve the 1st picture!

yeahhh, it is really special to me too! this place is quite hidden. tucked inside a very “old” looking building, inside one dark backalley. but but but, it will light up at night. quite easy to locate it. hehe
give a try!

the price is pretty decent. hmmm will grab the boy to try this out together!

very affordable! we each spent about rm 30 (which include a bottle of sapporo beer and additional plate of vegetable. so sorry, can’t remember the price for the stewed rice)

open air Japanese cuisine, seems really interesting! Seeing the pork in your photos already make me mouth-watering . 😀

this gerai BBQ is kinda interesting. food are priced affordable and taste wise, they are yummy!!! hehe
check it out

Price seem like very affordable, but donno they open when CNY or not ler?

ohhh, i am not sure if they are opening on CNY or not.
the food here is kinda affordable. do check it out. hehe
happy holiday to you!

omgggg…….it’s pork!!

yes Kc, it’s PORK!!! fancy??? jom, let’s go ler

i’m really interest on this!! =D find one day we go together….

okay, DEAL! set time and date!!!
plan plan plan!

Shit! I am sold! Will be there this coming long weekend holiday. =.=||

Ken, you should really try this!
there are piggy and moo moo offal too!

this is very authentic and is my fave haunt. plus its so near my home, there is no worries about driving home after our sake session:D

missyblurkit, i read ur blog and found that out.
it’s so nice to stay at that neighbourhood. lots to hunt after!

除了很有 feel 之外,食物也很掂, 连我的嘴叼朋友都大赞好吃,他竟然隔天又再光顾多一次…… ==”


Hi, we would like to invite your goodself for food tasting and to list (advertise) in your blog, please do contact me 017 688 6562.



Hi Leonard,
Kindly contact me through my email:


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U should do food tasting as mystery customer (where they dont know when u r going), this place service is bad

Dear Albert,

this is neither an invited review or a paid review/advertorial.

they do not know when i was there and they don’t even know me. i paid for my own food and beverages and had my own dinner over there.

sorry to heard bout your experience. but my visit was rather good and i always go there before 7pm when it is not crowded.

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