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We are being spoilt with the choices of ramen around as there are various ramen joints in KL namely Ippudo ramen, Menya Musashi, Yamagoya, Marutama and many more. However, when it comes to another type of thick noodles, which is Udon; Sanuki Udon is the only one I know. But now, that’s not the one and only in my food-restaurant dictionary because there is this…


Manmaru Homemade Udon まんまる


Means “circular” in Japanese language; also represents their service and concept which provides a well-rounded culinary experience. This is home-grown Malaysian brand which offers a self-service concept that allows their customers to move freely around and choose their udon to pair with their favourite broth and flavour as well as side dishes.


Manmaru has their udon made from scratch with the premium wheat flour that is air flown from Japan. The other condiments and sauces and raw material too, are mostly from Japan.


To start, watch how they prepare the strands of lengthy udon in the kitchen’s production line.



Menu on the board. Pick your favourite to try on.


Get yourself some sides to complete your udon – tempura!!!



After paying, move over to the Tempura Sauce Counter to make your sauce. They have Ginger, White Radish and tempura flakes to be added into the tempura sauce.


Kake Udon カケうどん (Rm 8.90 – Small; Rm 10.90 – Large)
Hot udon in broth topped with thinly sliced green onions and slices of kamaboko.
The classic soy udon which wow us the most. It was simple but it gave the best flavour.


Curry Udon カレーうどん (Rm 10.90 – Small; Rm 12.90 – Large)
Udon with traditional Japanese curry, overpowering with strong curry flavour. I find it slightly saltier to my liking.


Kimchi Udon キムチうどん (Rm 11.90 – Small; Rm 13.90 – Large)
The Japanese udon infused with a Korean flavour. This was slightly spicy that caters to our Malaysian tastebuds.


Niku Udon ニクうどん (Rm 12.90 – Small; Rm 14.90 – Large)
Hot udon soup with thin sliced beef and spinach. Very tender beef slices that appeared just right, not overly done.


Cream Corn Udon クリームコーンうどん (Rm 12.90 – Small; Rm 14.90 – Large)
Looking creamy and it may be over-filling?! Not really filling with this creamy but light sauce. My next favourite after the original flavour kake udon – light and creamy sweet corn soup.


Zaru Udon ざるうどん (Rm 8.90 – Small; Rm 10.90 – Large)
All time favourite cold noodle and Japanese love having their noodles this way! You will be served with dipping sauce, dip the udon in and the slurp it up.


Kamaage Udon 釜揚げうどん (Rm 12.90)
Served in a hot pot of hot water along with hot dipping kamaage sauce comprised of dashi, soy sauce and roasted sesame seed. Strands of udon adsorbed with roasted sesame and light soy sauce flavours; it was aromatic, springy and bouncy at the same time. Yummm!


Bukake Udon ぶっかけうどん (Rm 9.90 – Small; Rm 11.90 – Large)
Cold udon dash with thick fish broth.


Kamo Seiro Udon 鴨せいろうどん (Rm 13.90 – Small; Rm 15.90 – Large)
Served with slices of tender duck meat they were nicely smoked. Love its smokey flavours.


Ume Udon 梅うどん (Rm 10.90 – Small; Rm 12.90 – Large)
Refreshing udon served with pickled plum; sourish like the tom yum, minus the spicy flavour  


Tempura to complete our meal




Kabocha Tempura かぼちゃ天ぷら (Rm 1.80/pcs)
Deep fried pumpkin.

Enoki Tempura えのき天ぷら (Rm 1.50/pcs)
Deep fried golden needle mushroom.

Ebi Tempura海老天ぷら (Rm 3.80/pcs)
Deep fried juicy prawn.

Nasu Tempura茄子天ぷら ( Rm 1.50/pcs)
Deep fried eggplant.

Tori Karaage トリの唐揚げ (Rm 2.00/pcs)
Traditional Japanese fried chicken.


Manmaru Homemade Udon まんまる
S-045A, Center Court,
Second Floor,
Midvalley City Mall,
Lingkaran Syed Putra,
59200 Kuala Lumpur
(Located just above Madam Kwan/ Pasta Zanmai; Same floor with Machine)
Tel: +603 2282 0287

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