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Milky, brothy, porky, deeeeelicious…


Yamagoya Ramen is a famous ramen chain from Kyushu; with over 150 outlets in Japan and is currently here in Malaysia, spreading in the ramen fever to the locals.


Here in Yamagoya Ramen, their ramen (noodles) is freshly made in the store, daily. They even send back the ramen sample back to the headquarters for the QC purpose from time to time. This is to ensure that their ramen are being produced at a very good consistent flow and quality.


Mukashi Special Ramen 昭和ラーメン (Rm 24)
Yamagoya’s signature ramen; comes with slices of Char Siu, bamboo shoots, beansprouts, ear fungus, spring onions, semi hardboiled egg in soy sauce and nori sheet (seaweed). The broth appeared to be milky white, which was due to boiling the pork bone, fats and collagen over the high heat for long hours. Tastewise, the soup was rich and porky-licious. The Char Siu was pretty good, with melt-in-your-mouth type of texture. All of us enjoyed this ramen very much!



The egg was very well flavoured and we were told that it wasn’t easy to have them made perfectly. The time is very important to make these lovely eggs. A few second difference may actually change the texture of the egg.


It was too good; till the last drop of the soup!


Chanpon ちゃんぽん (Rm 28)
Chanpon is inspired from Chinese cuisine, a noodle dish that is regional cuisine of Nagasaki. It was topped with lots of ingredients such as prawns, fish cake, squids and vegetables.


Very Chinese… 

The noodles came thicker than the ramen noodles. I prefer the thinner version of ramen to this one as there were more dimensions for the flavourful soup to be adsorbed onto the ramen, which kicked up the taste buds.


Black Garlic Ramen 黒マ―油ラーメン (Rm 22)
Served with slices of Char Siu, beansprouts, ear fungus and spring onions. If you love thick and strong flavour, this could be your bowl of ramen; very strong in garlic taste. Yum!


Tonkatsu とんかつ (Rm 15)
Breaded, deep fried pork cutlet in golden brown.


Curry カレー
Thick, flavourful and appetizing one as it left the tastebuds a short sourish aftertaste. Great to go with the tonkatsu.


Don’t forget their pickles to go with the rice too!


Gyoza 焼きギョウザ (Rm 11)
With juicy minced meat inside the crispy outer layer, great one!

For those who love spicy ramen, Our blogger friend, Eatonlylar also recommends their Spicy Tobanjan Ramen which is served with a plate of spicy Tobanjan paste/sauce that actually gives the ramen a spicy kick.


Special Thanks to Alvin for the warm invitation and the yummy lovely desserts bits air flown from Japan!

Yamagoya Ramen
A2-G2-8, Solaris Dutamas,
No.1, Jalan Dutamas 1,
50480 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-6206 2220

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