New Multifunctional Lifestyle Bags by Lowepro

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I am a big fan of using gadgets in black but I am not a fan dressing my gadgets in black. Haha, geddit?

So great to be able to ditch the boring black now and start dressing up my camera gadgets with attractive and vibrant colours as the world’s trusted high quality protective camera bag brand has brought in fun colours and designs that suit everyone’s need!



Lowepro has just unveiled the four new eye-catching collections that are catered for lifestyle and photography enthusiasts in conjunction with the brand’s 50th anniversary. Such an honour to be invited to Isetan KLCC last week for this launch.



The four new collections namely Campus+, Urban+, Matrix+ and Travel+ come in various forms such as backpacks, messenger bags, tote, shoulder bags as well as klettersack backpacks to suit your need.



Product Development & Manufacturing Senior Director of Lowepro, Mr. Kevin Crandall was there to present the launch of the new collections and gave us all the details and product demonstration.



The Campus+ collection is youthful and trendy; catered for young thrill-seekers. It is backpack that comes in 3 striking colours; very functional, spacious, lightweight, water-repellent and perfect for outdoor adventures.


Urban+ collection features customizable partitions for photography enthusiasts who are looking for adjustable compartments in a gear. This collection comes with 5 different types of bags; perfect for mirrorless and small DSLR cameras, and each of them does have plenty of storage for personal items, which is very organized.






with Christine, the partner in crime and the Urban+ series


Much love on this Urban+ Tote which is so me!!! It is very lady-like, small size.


Matrix+ is also known as the daily collection. It is smart and stylish where you can carry it to work with your 15-inch laptop in! Also, it features a detachable camera case, spacious side pockets to store items such as water bottle and towels for workout and gyms needs. Very functional!


The high-performance Travel+ backpacks are able to withstand harsh environs with its innovative technology. It is very cool because it features a quick access RFID safe side pocket to secure the personal ID and credit cards. Built for long-lasting durability, water resistant finish and water-resistant bottom to protect the contents of your bag, ergonomic shoulder straps with chest straps for improved fit and comfort and able to fit in laptop of 14-inch.




Happy 50th Birthday to Lowepro!

The collections are exclusively available in Isetan The Gardens and Isetan 1U. They will be made available in selected retail outlets thereafter. Do make your way here to dress up your camera gadgets with these functional accessories.

For more information on Lowepro and other Veedoo’s offerings (Veedoo is a major importer and distributor of premium gadget accessories and protective gears in Malaysia), visit or latest update on

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