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When was the last time you flipped through the physical pages of an old book?

What a question! I don’t really remember when was my last time flipping through a real book, writing on a note book??!!! Perhaps that was when I was doing notes in my Uni days, before exam, or… oh ya, jotting down memories of the holidays. That’s the far best I would do.

The Inkredibles

Aim to bring back the nostalgic joys of holding up pen to scribble and putting down notes on the paper or sending out prints.


I once attended their event of Relive the Prints with the bff . We were introduced with their printing works. Had to say I was pretty amazed with their work which is very up to the trend using high technology computerised printing machines. Gift cards, postcards, decors, stickers, journals or books. They can do everything from unique and quirky stationary to personalized gifts.








the inkredibles


What I enjoyed most was customizing own postcards! At only Rm 20 for a set of 8 pieces, you can bring along your photos or drawings, turned them into postcards and send them out to friends as souvenirs


Here are my personalised postcards. Printed 3 with sakura I captured during my Spring Trip in Japan and also a hand painted one (Bottom right). Forgive me on the failed watercolour attempt. LOL. And these gotta be in my postcard collection.

Interested in their work? Check them out on their Website and Facebook.


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