Sushi Oribe 寿司織部 @ Vipod Residences KL

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Yes, I have found my 男神!!!

Here in…

Sushi Oribe 寿司織部

Always wanted to try out Ori-san’s skill but never get the chance, and there isn’t any occasion to splurge on. Till my birthday early of this year, I decided to splurge on it, calling the gals and I was really over the moon as they were willing to splurge together with me here in Sushi Oribe!


There are only 8 seats at the counter. Reservation is strongly recommended if you wish to enjoy the counter sitting experience. I always love sitting at the counter seat where I get to observe the sushi chef at work.


And Ori-san is very charming and easily gets everyone’s attention on him. The slicing work, the temperature on the palm that works on the rice grain, every movement of Ori-san is just skillful and magical. LOL. The art of sushi is somehow pretty hard to be explained but you have got to feel it with your heart through the dining experience.

We occupied 3 of the seats and then got ready with our Mino set, priced at Rm 238 for lunch. The course comes with Appetizer, Chawan Mushi, Chef’s Specialty Sushi 11 pieces, Roll Sushi, Miso Soup and ended with a Dessert. You might think, that’s expensive! But I can assure you will get a whole new different experience here, being served with superior quality of sushi by an experienced chef who knows best about his fish! Every single sen is well spent.

I was in love with all the sushi served that day; I find all the sushi has got some “magical drugs” in it where you will get addicted over them! Really can’t wait for my next experience in Sushi Oribe.

Remember to enjoy the sushi in one whole bite in order to have all the flavours well mixed in your oral cavity. Extra soy sauce or wasabi is not needed as the chef has already flavoured your sushi.




Buri – Japanese Amberjack


Hirame – Flounder





Shimaji – Striped Jack Mackerel


Maguro – blue fin tuna


Otoro – Tuna belly


Chawan Mushi


Botan Ebi – a type of prawn from Hokkaido, very sweet!


Kinmedai – Japanese red snapper
With a squeeze of lime


Hotate – Scallop
Touched with shio and yuzu


Engawa, a part of Flounder fish, done with a squeeze of lime and it literally just melted on the palate. Super creamy!


Cholesterol bowl
On a small bed of rice topped with white shrimp, salmon roe, negitoro, uni. We went ahhhh over this bowl as it was one of our favourites in the course! The touches of soy sauce drizzled by the chef has magically brought up the freshness of the seafood.


Negitoro Maki to fill us up.


Miso Soup



My Birthday Dessert


A revisit?! DEFINITELY and I CAN’T WAIT!

Sushi Oribe
Ground Floor,
Block C-1, Vipod Residence,
No. 6, Jalan Kia Peng,
50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Lunch: 12pm – 3pm
Dinner: 6pm – 11pm

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  • Ermm, there’s 12 seats at the counter (but Chef Ori’s side has 8 seats) and Mino at lunch is RM238 (before tax)… Even after 10% and 6% gst before June, also not RM288… ^_^

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